Salt & Pepper Shrimp (5 Flavor Asian Crispy Shrimp Recipe)

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Alice Alice says:

Love your dress!!!! So pretty

Marisa McGowan says:

How could any thumbs down your videos? Even if you don’t like shrimp, your videos are still the best ❤️

Cheryl S. says:

I just made your Salt & Pepper Shrimp recipe and licking the last little bit of flavor off of my fingers.
Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!
I have gotten Salt & Pepper Shrimp from the Asian market several times before but there is simply no comparison to the recipe you’ve shared here. The shrimp were so succulent and the fried garlic just hit it out of the ballpark. And, yes…the heads…. An absolute yummy must!
Tomorrow, I’m making your Beef Stir Fry with Rice Noodles Recipe. Can’t wait!
Thanks Angel for sharing this absolutely scrumptious recipe with us.

zanichar says:

One of my favorite shrimp recipes. The head included lol.

tracey martin says:

50% must devain cut off eyes I eat 50% of the head cook with shell but don’t eat it

Puttapon Bovonpanich says:

You look so pretty in this vid! Btw, can you pls make a vid recipe of gua bao (not sure if i got the name right)?

Rose Berri says:

i can’t eat shrimp but it still looked good and could you do a video on simple sweets/desserts 🙂

Socratica says:

We will definitely try this! We’ve been dreaming about some incredible salt and pepper chicken wings we had in Vancouver.

Michael Gullivan says:

I thought I was strange because no one that I am ever around eats the legs and shell. I find them quite tasty.

Max Xiao says:

i eat the entire shrimp

Kristen Rhodes says:

this is literally my favorite thing to get whenever I get the chance. I’m so glad I saw this video uploaded, I can’t wait to try this out!

Souriphone Bilavanh says:

You look amazing angel

PatrickCalvey1337 says:

This channel makes so damn hungry lol Great recipes!

Ann Tingginalu says:

realy yummy

I Love Food, It's My Bae says:

This Looks Good Angel! You Should Make Ebi Shrimp

Doedoe doe says:

You gotta eat the whole shrimp. That’s where all the flavors at!

Makenna Leigh says:

Hey Angel, this shrimp recipe was delicious! I enjoyed every last bit. The flavour wasn’t overpowering so that was good. If you can, it would be great if you can do a recipe on 菠萝包. Even though they are not Taiwanese, but Hong Kongnese, I want to learn how to make it.
By the way, your videos are gorgeous and you look quite tall for an Asian, what’s your height? Maybe that’s how you stay so skinny! 🙂 🙂

Bacon Egg says:

Make fried cereal prawn with chilli !!!! I eat the whole prawn with the shell intact because p.s im lazy to peel and its messy to ~.~

Ronald Peters says:

My wife peels and eats the tails and leaves me the yummiest part the heads. Which is my favorite part so it’s a win win for us.

Ceme612 says:

Ok, I will post a pick on Facebook. I made this today. Had them decapitated and deveined at the market, but left the shell and tail on as recommended. Couldn’t eat without peeling, the shell kept getting caught in my throat and teeth. My hubby peeled his, he didn’t even try with the shell on. I love the garlic pieces, as I was dry cooking them some of the garlic got a little burnt, but that was cool. Tweaked the recipe a little to make mine and will keep. Thank you Angel. Oh, I love white pepper now for ever on shrimp.

Ahh Yo says:

One of my favourite dish, I eat all of it!

Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill says:

Look delicious…

Irfaan says:

No head or tail.

Jungkutie pabo says:

The shrimp looks so good! I’m not particularly fond of the head but I normally eat the shell and the flesh ^^

TheTyrranicalT-Rad says:

i call em scrimps…..

Coreen Oxley says:

Wait Wait…the shrimp is not even DEVEIN?! You are basically eating the intestinal track which is waste aka POO!!!!

teegirlawesome says:

I tried eating the whole thing but I stabbed the roof of my mouth with a point on the shrimp head. It’s back to peeling the shrimp.

Jennifer Vu says:

I eat everything! Unless the shells are hard

Ernesto says:

I suck on the head lmao

tam says:

You gotta eat it all!

MyAzureSky says:

Went to a restaurant and their shrimp was peeled, headless, and tasteless. It was the blandest “Salt and Pepper Shrimp” I ever had. It was a disappointment and a disgrace. I look forward to trying out this recipe. Maybe it’ll wash down the horrible memory.

Keri Xianne says:

I eat the entire shrimp

Terry Lambert says:

are shrimp like crayfish in that you get more flavor by cooking them with there head on?

Ceme612 says:

I will try this, but I will buy my shrimp cleaned and devained. I love shrimp, but once went to a very nice upscale restaurant and they served our shrimp entrees with the heads/shell on … my husband darn near died ;o) He’s 6’5, 255 lbs, and he tipped his chair trying to get away from the plate. Thankfully the waiter took the dishes to the kitchen and had them remove the heads ;o) He would die if I prepared this dish with the heads ;o)

Christian groenendijk says:

i love the taill of the shrimp cripsy

Buyao says:

depending, will just eat em whole! shell and all! well not the head, but will eat the brains. mmm

Kay S. says:

I’ll eat everything!

Tams says:

i don’t eat the head! haha

Ivys Kitchen says:

Yummy!,,, I eat the meat of the shrimp and suck the shrimp head because it has a lot of flavor 🙂

郭序寧 says:

What I like the most in your channel is your pretty smile that show your love for cooking. Keep continuing!


Heghineh Cooking Show says:

Shrimp cravings in progress , lol

chef mike says:

Angel! Nicely done recipe. I devoure the entire shrimp. As God intended.

Spoon Fork Heart says:

Yummy, your shrimp recipe looks great!

Ernesto says:

I suck on the head lmao

David Monge says:

I eat the whole shrimp!! making this tonight! thank u!!

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