Salad Recipes – How to Make Asian-Style Coleslaw

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The secret to this deliciously different coleslaw? It’s a little bit of creamy peanut butter in the dressing. See how to make this Asian-inspired slaw starring cabbage, onions, and carrots tossed in a tangy rice vinegar-based dressing. This taste is out of this world.

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Angel kreshna says:

wwooww feel hungry so much..

Katrina W says:

So most of our local supermarkets do not sell rice wine vinegar. (They do sell White/Red wine vinegar though) Can i substitute this for something else or is it ok if i miss this dressing ingredient?

dhan guru nanak Chauhan says:

wow yummy yummy sald

Martha Sekgoto says:

Mmm I like it, I’m going to try it. There’s no other dressing we can put dear very nice salad! !!!!! reply plz

Deja Spicely says:


Van Leo says:

do you have american chopsuey video

amin rezaee says:

Thank you. Very useful

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Emad Al Amad says:

@Allrecipes can i make big quantity of the dressing and store it then use it when needed or it will go off?

Nazally says:

can I make this ahead of time? like 2 days ahead? pls reply. thanks a lot

MegaKachek says:

In indonesia..i think that is gado-gado.. Karedok.. Or pecel..

박혜린 says:


Live d music says:

Easy and nice recipe

afee khan says:

Wow best recipe

radicalaccounting says:

Looks delicious and made with so much love. Going to try it this week.

Sandid Tube says:

Can we put colslaw dressing in this salad plz reply it!

Elfin Ryan says:

That looks so so good, thanks for sharing yum xx.

kokoro nagomu says:

nice… although i hate sweet so i would probably replace most of the sugar for lime juice.

Beverlee Perez says:

Yummy looks healthy

teegee2010 says:

looks delicious… will definitely try.

Yoly Hines says:

Your recipe is Awesome !!!!

FAAK27 says:

gado-gado aslinya memang salad orang chinese. masuk ke indonesia melalui akulturasi budaya tionghoa dengan etnis betawi. etnis betawi sendiri dikenal memiliki campuran budaya tionghia.

debmart59 says:

Asian Style Cole Slaw

Claudia Juarez says:

can I substitute the vegetable oil for sesame oil??

zandra grace penrad says:

Can I just use a regular white vinegar?

cece A says:

thank you for the recipe

Adriana Santiago says:

I love thr music lol but this recipe im going to try

Rivyn Daniel says:

mmmm I’ll have to try this

would love to try some oven baked chicken with it

dilemmix says:

when I click on the link to the recipe, nothing comes up. Is the link canceled? I wish they posted the recipe here.

Steve Biggs says:

Sounds like the narrator from the discovery channel show how it is made

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