Lemon Chicken Recipe – Chinese Style

Lemon Chicken Chinese style recipe.


1 Chicken Breast – 1 lb – cut into bite size pieces
1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
1 Egg – Medium size
3 Tbsp Corn starch

For the sauce:
1 Cup Chicken stock
1/4 Cup lemon juice (Approx. 2 lemons)
2 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tbsp Honey
3 Tbsp Slurry – Equal parts corn starch mixed with water
Lemon zest – 1/2 Lemon

For Garnish
Sesame seeds and Green Onion


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Bikini Fit says:

YUM looks fantastic <3

Debra Tuffs says:

easy and delicious.XX

Ajay Prasadi says:

Good and quick.

Toad says:

I need to make this this week! Your channel has gotten me back into the cooking spirit.

Pepico says:

look really tasty, must try

P00TANARA says:


Andrea Lam Ho says:

Can I use beef instead of chicken?

Amna Butt says:

i can’t find corn starch can i use corn flour instead of corn starch ??

amrita pattnaik says:

very nice receipe……………..Thanks

ocsiq zerep says:

any alternative for chicken stock?

Procyon Lotor says:

Is this even Chinese

officeaddict33 says:

Corn flour or corn starch?

samantha nicole jayme basco says:


Michele Alex says:

very good! 😀

Aeryn Gater says:

this is amazing

Kumari Shalu says:

corn flor ka substitute btaiye pls


Hey. I just made it today at it was really good. Thank you very very much 🙂

Geoff Brown says:

Corn flour & Corn starch

No they are NOT the same. Corn flour is the entire corn kernel milled into flour. It contains protein and fat as well. Corn starch is just that – starch. It is chemically separated from the protein and other components of corn flour.

However they can sometimes be used interchangeably, especially in soups and stews. But for breading and deep frying, you cannot substitute corn starch for corn flour.

Denis Han says:

What do you mean with lemon juice? Is it whole lemon squeezed? Or I have to find bottle of readily available lemon juice in supermarket?

César r says:

Yomy very rico

Nicole G says:

trying this tonight!!

Steven Cung says:


Pooja Barman says:

Wtf! Sugar!!???? No way :/

larib queen says:

what is chicken stock

yonniesnatural says:


Lady Jane says:

I am making this chicken tonight, OMG! the lemon sauce is to die for, easy to find ingredients, very elegant dish, looks delicious

Nguroa says:

Great recipe, I added ginger to the sauce and the shredded spring onion just cuts through the sweet of the sauce. Kids said it was great but a bit sour, wife said it was great but a bit sweet. I loved it. Thanks for posting.

WannaBite says:

very nice. thanks for sharing.

trenthav says:

fantastic! I think I would like lemon pulp in mine as well.

101Corkscrews says:

Very nice and easy recipe. I found the recipe at 111:00am and was eating a nice meal at 12 noon. Thanks

dhruti chauhan says:

amazing recipe

cosimohankypants says:

Yep! Fantastic! Little tip I picked up off a Chinese chef – refrigerate or place the mixing bowl while battering the chicken in a ice cold bain-marie before frying. The temperature shock will make the chicken extra crispy!

Smart Kid says:

i absolutely love this recipe.
thanks for posting

Apetite Ronin says:

good . seem delicious

Barbara Lea says:

Vicky Roy?

Abijith Nair says:

one of the best recipes I have ever tried great work….worth to try

nothing lasts for ever says:

is lemon souce important ?coz its not available here

Shona papa says:

what is slurry
n if lemon sauce is not available than can v skip???
reply soon plzzzzzz

Amna Butt says:

thanks for reply

Joyceline Manu says:

Is corn starch the same as corn flour?

noor irfan says:

what is lemon sauce? how it is prepared?

Abijith Nair says:

unbelievably tasty. ..I recommend this dish to many…thanks for such wonderful treat..

Kue Kue says:

Can I use sweet potato starch instead of corn starch ???

Baisakhi Chatterjee says:

I tried it at home it was exactly same and turned out well. my friends loved it…..

Pogi says:

thank you

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