How To Make Orange Chicken-Recipe-Asian Food Recipes Restaurant Style

Orange Chicken Recipe available @ How To Make Orange Chicken-Chinese Lemon Chicken Chinese Food Recipes Restaurant Style.


yummymelon11 says:

I see your recipe calls for seasoned rice vinegar but in your video, it was left out. Is the rice vinegar necessary? Thanks!

Farah Benabora says:

انه طابق رائع

P.O.W says:

Nice intro also great video

thickbrianq says:

you are AMAZING, SUPERB, thank you for all the work that you do, it brings us sublime food gifts for our Mouths, Bellies, Hearts and Souls!

NicoleBoricua1 says:

what kind of orange juice?

James Moore says:

excellent video, perfectly explains it.

Vegard Hansen says:

What’s up with this random comment section?

macoricio21 says:

Hi, how many inches is your wok????

Rohan Zener says:

I got it! The perfect idea! I shall try to make a chicken taste of *bacon!*

Anthony Alvarado says:


shane Anderson says:

This music is making my body move.

StevensVarietyShow says:

Congrats on your 3,000th “Thumbs up” this dish looks so amazing, can’t wait to try it!

Maria Ramirez says:

Will try it. Love the finese

QZahmis says:

I am so going to make this … and I agree — the presentation afterwards is lovely. Thank you  !  Love your videos !

Sean Durkan says:

What is the website and where do I find it

veronicats100 says:

Very pretty lady with a very nice method and beautiful presentation. Excellent.

daluke61 says:

Great video! I’ll have to try this recipe soon… thank you!!

Jennifer Marin says:

This is the best orange chicken recipe anyone can ever find! Such a great job! Thanks Mai you’re an amazing cook! and I loved the authenticity of this meal!

toughluck8012 says:

I made this and it’s actually really good. I recommend just a little less sesame oil then she says because it’s kinda strong also I did 2 tbsp of sugar instead of 2.5 and it was still really good

César Fernández says:

I enjoy a lot all your recipes. Thanks for sharing

ollyocean ollyocean says:

Thank You for the recipe Ma’ am

Isabel Galvez says:

beautiful!! I made this and it was great!

Tran Tran says:

wonderful plating. thanks for the recipe!

Jen Tuesday says:

great video, but you definitely need to get a microplane girl! I used to have a wornout and/or mediocre zester like that and it drove me crazy how much force and time I had to use to zest citrus fruits. First time I used a microplane zester (only like 8-11$ on amazon), I barely had to touch the orange to it and my work was done.

ollyocean ollyocean says:

Can i use fresh oranges?

Lilian Toma says:

I am a little late cause this video was posted a long time ago but I have to say that this video is awesome,,thank you!

Paj Vaj says:

I like My Friends

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