How to Make Chinese Dumplings (recipe) 饺子

The dough can be used for both boiled dumplings and potstickers. The dumpling wrappers are tender and thin, with a silky mouthfeel.

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Dumpling filling recipe:

500 grams (4 cups / 18 ounces) all-purpose flour
265 milliliter (1 cup plus 2 tablespoons / 9 ounces) water (room temperature)
About 4 cups preferable dumpling filling

I strongly recommend you to read my original post before cooking. It contains a lot of notes and information about cook, store, deal with leftovers etc.
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Gustavo Ochoa says:

my dough when i put the dumpling in the water it got bubbles and it broke apart ;-; any help or tip or what i did wrong/???

Naomi Seals says:

Yummy dumplings

James Griffin says:

what about the filing recipe!???

Jovita W says:

why not steam it instead of boil it?

LonaM4E says:

Great recipe and amazing work with fingers, but why does the simple flour-water dough need to rest so much? I’ve seen another recipe where it rests just a couple of minutes..

Austin Gulotta says:

Yes! I’m all about that black vinegar!

Manuella Catto says:

Amazing video!

sisterana9526 says:

This is the exact recipe I’m looking for. It looks really good. I know how to make the filling but just had to look for home made wrapper instructions. Thank you!

sarah mohd says:

what is purpose flour refers to??? pls explain

Yin Yeom says:

There are so may things that are missing from the recipe!

영락제 영락제 says:


Jason Bowman says:

What if I want to steam them instead?

marvin rivera says:

hermosa gastronomía respetos de peru saludos amistosos

Douglas Hutty says:

I wanted to know how to make the pork filling too.

Davis Gray says:

This is so gorgeous… but can I know what is the ingredients (I mean the filling) XP

phylis joannes says:

how to make the filling

Robert L. Myers I Esq. says:

Your recipe dose not make any cent you have 4 cups and 18 Oz flour are sure you don’t mean 8 Oz.?

Shantanu Madhavi says:

are bhai chiken stuffing recipee to bataya hi nahi

Anti Side says:

do i have to use a towel to cover the doug

Agnes CF Lee says:

can I use the machine to knead the dough ?

Yankee Poodle says:

What about the recipe for by
the filling?

Noelle Buckle says:

Why do they look like wantons????

Shahnaj Choudhury says:

Thanks for show us the esay way to make Dumplings.

DaughterofJacob says:

I am going to make these next week with the left over turkey with some cheese. If anyone have any suggestions about the filling, please let me know what else I can use.

Chesa Djanelle says:

Great, I’m making this for new years eve for the whole fam 🙂 Thank you

Yummies4Dummies says:

Looks delicious!!!

Yin Yeom says:

IT’s still good.

Josh B says:

Oh how I love dumplings. That’s how I gauge how good a Chinese restaurant is.

Dae - says:

Og my god so good, i really miss them from china! Question, how do you make that only chilli sauce? Like which chili peper do you use? Thanks!

Lane Murphy says:

now im hingry

Miro Sitarz says:


American Woman says:

This was a waste of time to be honest. There is no filling recipe. :0(

Ira Safitri Safitri says:

hemmmmmh yummy lah pokoke

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