How to Make Chicken Mee Goreng – Greg’s Kitchen Asian Recipes

This authentic Mee Goreng recipe is so easy to make, and the flavour is just like the street food version. All the tastes of Asia in this meal. I hope you enjoy it!

300g of noodles, or150g dried egg noodles
2 tbs sriracha
Juice of 1 lime
1/3 cup (80ml) kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
2 tbs light soy sauce
1 or 2 chicken breasts
1 garlic clove, chopped
2 to 4 eggs, lightly beaten
4 spring onions, thinly sliced, plus extra to serve
Pak choy or Bok Choy, thinly sliced
Bean sprouts (optional)
Crispy fried onions ( optional) and thinly sliced red chilli, to serve (optional)

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Your food addiction TRAVEL FOOD says:

Ohhhh yummmmm !

Raúl Palacios says:

Where did the background music go grego? I miss it

Fabyan Erlangga says:

its mie goreng, not mee

GunShot101 says:

Grego looks so good id like a bit of ginger in it to thats if you like it. Owwww wish i have it

Robert McClintock says:

Another great recipe Grego. Thanks mate I’ll be trying that one.

JohnDuctual Master says:

Bawang is a Philippines word.

Slaughter Food Creations says:

Definitely beautiful and tasty ♡

Juice Rossi says:

Was going to make a stirfry for dinner anyway, so gave this sauce a crack.
Absolutely delicious, the lime brings the whole thing to life.
Definitely adding it to the regular dinner rotation.

misty baxley says:

YUMMMMM! I can’t wait to make this dish. This looks amazeballs!

Jeff Smith says:

G’day ziggyD here

Johnny Komatsu says:

Good to see you back in the kitchen mate, that looks a cracker of a recipe.

cuttingedgecomix says:

Asian Food; Australian style by GREGO!!!

Sun Shine says:

Wow that looks great! Holla!

Jim Warmington says:

That band rehearsing next door again.

Simon Henry says:

too much sodium in the soy sauce Greggo!

J Jo says:

Greg, that looked AMAZING, and I’m not one for Asian foods…just not exposed to them, I guess. But a bit of this and that, and the sauce and toppings….Yum! I hope you used a rubber spatula to scoop every drop of your sauce! You make me want to find an Asian restaurant! : )

Anti Establishment says:

Looks good honey!!!

Ben's View says:


Kevin Kunz says:

G’day Grego. Thanks for sharing that recipe. Will try it soon!

mr ed says:

Top stuff Greg.
I like my noodles on the thin side.

MrsCheetah1 says:

That looks yummy! I’m going to give this a try, I’ve only ever had nasi goreng!

In His Service says:

DUDE!!! You are a multi ethnic genius!!!!

Clorox bleach says:

GREG do a fishing video noticed ya rods in the backround

guitarmiko77 says:

G’day Greg!

Paivi Project says:

Oh Yum. That looked great Greg. I am so hungry now. Super easy dish I should try. Thanks and have a great evening ! 😀

Raihan Purboyo says:

**you know you’re indonesian when you start forcing people to spell it “Mi” or “Mie” instead of “Mee” as if it’s a very important thing**

TheWolfePit says:

That looks amazing Greggo!

Glorious Free says:



Ice Dragon says:

Hi!!! Nice to see u again!!! I’m back again!! Mmmmm… Smells great!!! Yum!! Yum!!! Taste delicious, yummy and spicy dish!!! Great cooking!! See u anytime!! Have a great day too!!


looks bloody good mate, do you do a good nasi goring ?

Noun boy says:

Greg, nice to see that Bernice has taught you not to overcook Asian food.

Windex says:

U should rename ur channel Tightass Kitchen

Windex says:

Bring back the gardening videos

ihave7sacks says:

Looks nice, I like the thin noodles. Might give it a whirl with the thin style.

miseriacanterai says:


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