Honey Sesame Chicken | Everyday Gourmet S7 E12

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miidnightboo says:

If you don’t clean your chicken before cooking it, you nasty

ATLPRINC355 says:

I was very confused when she didn’t wash her hands… somebody hep her.

Can_ub Funny says:

I didn’t understand the species called cinnamon, cloves and what?


The comments are convincing me why non-whites shouldn’t be allowed in western nations… You’re not supposed to wash your fucking meat.

kikibee14 says:

I tried that and it works asowm

Damian Copado Maynard says:

I like to watch my.chicken before I watch it good


I made my own version were i used you’re sauce and marinating method. Ithink it was to much lemon juice. I also added two small cloves of garlic. Then to make it more crispy i added equal parts corn and all purpose flour for my batter with coldSeltzer water. All and all for my first time it was pretty good. Thanks.


She was suppose to wash the chicken.

Rub Lala says:

I love this video. Straight to the point no dilly dallying

NC Hawks Fan says:

The comments on cooking videos are always about how sanitary the person cooking is? You’re not going the eat the chicken she just made, so why does it matter lol…you people need a life.

hel eve says:

This did not turn out good at all. The meat was bland and the sauce tasted like medicine.

GonnaC Godeeper says:

I can assure you “chicken prep” is the least of our worries. Anyway looks Delicious, thank you.

Olivia Rebecca says:

My family is from the West Indies but we live in the UK. We wash our chicken all the time and people are always so quick to say ‘salmonella’ & ‘spreading bacteria’. Bruh I just wanna wash away all the gross juices and blood it’s been sitting in and put some lemon and vinegar on it so it doesn’t STANK. smh. This is just what we do in Caribbean households.

D P says:

naw I need to see someone chinese in these videos for this recipe to be legit. No white bitch can cook chicken.

Level 19 says:

Tip: Wash off chicken ! put in blow of water a lemon this takes off the nasty stuff , happy cooking folks

Milo Estobar says:

Why most allergic people are white?…. Because they are fucking wimp….

James Payter says:

marinades DO NOT ‘tenderise’ meat. That isn’t a thing, people. Do not leave marinades on for too long either. Acidic marinades will just make the very surface of meat go mushy. Brining will help salt penetrate meat, but at the cost of flavour, as all you’re ding is drawing additional water into the meat.

Jank says:


luis nieves says:

eggs don’t tenderize anything!

Three says:

Its spicy

Vikas Sharma says:

You are as awesome as your dish!

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