Healthy Asian Meal Plan to Lose Weight (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

The basic principle in Asian diet is to consume simple whole grains, with cooked vegetables and a little bit of everything else. Too much or too little of any one thing is not good.

Asian diet is mostly gluten and dairy free. The emphasize is to use natural real ingredients to cook. I’ll be sharing with some of my easy and simple favourite oriental dishes.

1) Breakfast – Fish Congee
2) Lunch – Egg Fried Rice
3) Dinner – Chicken Soba Soup Noodles

In my next video, I’ll be sharing 2 of my favourite Oriental snacks to complete this meal plan. Be sure to watch it.Do share your favourite meals with me in the comments below. All the best!

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Greg says:

I just found your your channel and haven’t gone through very many of your video’s yet. Idk if you have more like this, but this format of a full day of meals is awesome. If you haven’t done more like this one yet, please do!

ritika wagle says:


BAMBI243 says:

I work shift work and need a 5-meal a-day menu you. Joanna do you have such a menu

CopperHead says:

I know what the U.S. recommended serving of rice is but what do Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other Asian countries recognize as a single serving size?

Norman Gross says:

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MusicFeedsYourSoul says:

What is that tofu dish in the lower right corner at 0:23 called?

Alexandria Gardner says:

So congee is kind of like Asian fish and grits. I want to try that but I need to stay away from the carbs.

Christy Blake says:

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Christopher Hernandez says:

Thank you for this! ☺

Daisy LinTag says:

where i van buy soba noodles?

Wonder Queen says:

Who watch this in 2016???

Lena Barber says:

A colleague at work chose to stick to my tips and give this weight loss program “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) a try. We started using it too, and the results have been incredible. I dropped 13 pounds.

Connie Mcguire says:

Wonderfully displayed, great directions, and.looks so good! Thanks from Idaho U.S.A.

Ida Guerra says:

EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!

ritika wagle says:


bleh ;-; Bleh says:

she so good looking

123melbell says:

Congee is great. I eat it in winter alot. It’s so filling and fulfilling! Great when you’re sick too, or after throwing up (you might want to leave the fish out though if that’s the case). I sometimes have congee days where I just make congee in my rice cooker and eat it throughout the day.

Lucy Fry says:

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ritika wagle says:


Ishfaq Ur Rehman says:

u have the best no- nonsense health channel
lots of lov e from Pakistan

Annette Gerber says:

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Tika Pulami Mgr says:

so many beautiful .

Lola Liria says:

one portion of rice means 75gr? or it’s a two portions?

Adiel Barrera says:

Can i use chicken instead of fish? I realy don’t like that much fish.. but i can eat it.

Lami Akindele says:

Great video! Subscribed in an instant! Can’t wait to watch your other vieos

Boho Dragonflies says:

i love this im going to make them all !!!!! thank you for this video <3

Jaylen Budden says:

Do all trains contain gluten? I am trying to go gluten and dairy free at this time

Howesenberg says:

I’ve always admired the asian food culture and I think it’s so healthy in comparison to a British lunch I feel inspired now to buy healthier options on my breaks!

laineymikkay says:

What can be subsituted for fish in the congee? Is it a poor choice to use beef, chicken, or tofu? I’m afraid I won’t stay full long off of the congee unless I load up on veggies or add a little protein.

Della Coyle says:

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Lord Brain says:

Marry me and I’ll make you make me so happy, OK?

ยุรนันท์ พูลสวัสดิ์ says:

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Constantina Louttchenko says:

white rice is not Gluten-free

TheAsianGunster says:

Yeah there no way Chinese people gonna eat plain beef or chicken like white people

Kira Fournier says:

This was a really great video. Simple and to the point! Ill be making all these dishes 🙂 Thanks!

Beatrice Powell says:

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