Garlic Rice Recipe : Asian at Home Easy Garlic Rice

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Garlic Rice Ingredients:

3 Tbs. Salted Butter
9 to 12 Cloves garlic (approximately 2 heaping Tbs)
2 cups Jasmine rice
3 cups Water
1 Green onion


Donna Fassano says:

I want to cook this for my daughter. She hates cilantro (tastes like soap) can I leave it out? What? Use my common sense? Skip it? Oh. Ok. Thanks 🙂

candyberried says:

Sinangag has a tad vinegar, when it evaporates it brins out the garlic flavor into the rice, that’s they key

kodagirl17 says:

what size pot did you use?

Patricia Dela Cruz says:


DJ Sean Mundy says:

Awesome thanks

Nicole Davis says:

I have never heard of this but I love garlic and butter! I have to make this! Lol….thanks for sharing!!!!

Rico Lecitivo says:

Just subscribed today! Binge-watching your vids 🙂 Awesome to see you love Filipino foods 🙂

Ad van Tuil says:

burnt garlic……sigh ….

DJ Sean Mundy says:

I just need to find me a good Philippine christian girl that can cook like this lol

Mallles says:

BROWN fried garlic is carcinogenic

Jheila Cashio says:

You really inspires me Seonkyoung! Your passion in cooking is really a life changing! – Philippines! 😀

ami sidmon says:

level up version of sinangag “garlic rice” i will try to do ur version. yummy❤❤

MP says:

What can you eat with this? she said everything but can someone be specific?


the garlic is overcook turn bad already..poor experience cook food ever see .

Timothy Ang says:

Thanks for sharing!!! OMG cant wait to eat it

Peace Army says:


Akasha Kireka says:

im gonna try that now with my katsudon

Roman Segura says:

I love you

Corey R. Scales says:

Can’t wait to make this!
Being a big fan of pho I loved your chicken and beef pho videos. Could you please do a seafood pho vid sometime? 🙂

Mosey Mouse says:

i finally got around to trying your recipe for my dinner and WOW!!! tasted great and was very easy to cook. i added in some red chili pepper to spice it up and served the dish with a steamed cabbage salad!!! you made my night!! and i have leftovers for tomorrow.

Ardent Dfender says:

No one says “Asian at Home” better than she does!

Ivys Kitchen says:

Mmmmmm sinanag!

luqman turakı says:

that garlic looks burnt

Christine Russell says:

I make garlic rice too but, mines only with garlic & salt.

Irfan Handono says:

I think, using onion is better than garlic.
But, thanks anyway! ;D

Djien Coolldoown12.8 says:

nice thank you

CherLy Entertainment says:

yummy, i think i should try it.

chalkmonster123 says:

looks good i am a rice farmer in thailand (even though i am english)so looking for new things to do with my rice thanks looks good (i grow garlic aswell so easy )

Lakwatsera123 says:

I luv ur show..

Jheila Cashio says:

Hi Seonkyoung Longest! I love all your videos! You got a new subscriber here! 😀 Want to meet you in person!!!! <3

Paul Lee says:

Looks yummy will try to cook tonight

Food Flipped says:

Very excited to try this! Awesome

Adi says:

can I use garlic butter instead of salted or usalted butter?

arlen andal says:

nice…different twist..filipina here☺

ami sidmon says:

thank you for your u r such a nice lady. i start watching ur videos a month back and i like d way u express urself. and ended up subscribing ur channel for more mouthwatering recipe ❤❤❤❤ stay being so bubbly take care

Jaya Singh says:


서명민 says:

thanks! your garlic rice inspired me! I’ll try it at home for my wife!
Take my subscription!

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