Garlic Ginger Shrimp Stir fry Recipe

Garlic Ginger Shrimp Stir fry Recipe – a recipe from my Mom that can be found at


sara says:

The cook with you sound so easy , love you

Demin Jerez says:

So did the green onions grow…?

Gains quixote says:


sundayonline says:


iDan-Olin C says:

Thank u for the recipe…

Marta g says:

great recipe thank you

dirty Mushroom - Holly Bubba says:

looks great I’ll give it a try

Xingzhu Nora Wang says:

What kind of Wok is that? 


You win, I’m in… I just subbed your channel, and look forward to seeing more of your videos!  By the way… this shrimp, garlic, ginger recipe is also a winner!  Feel free to return sub, and view my Shrimp Stir Fry version, if you like.  I’ll be trying your version sometime soon!!!

Kai Chung says:

Hi were the tip of your tongs made of plastic/rubber?

B.Kalai Seliyan says:

Awosome recipe … I tried today.. really super..

Samantha Vanhees says:

Do you use dark or light soy sauce?

PSR - Lucky Stone says:

What is the flour you used with the shrimp?

ckemi mire says:

grind that loud garlic LOL

Laura Dewi says:

put some red chilli….its will be amazing taste!

Chuong Nguyen says:

it is healthy and quick. Thanks a lot


Will love to try look good.

L Dean says:

The green onions works! I grow them in my kitchen. Your garlic looks great! I could almost smell them,some of my favorite flavors are garlic,green onion,ginger and cilantro.

Mimin Hartman says:

What’s the white thingy you put on the shrimps? Is that a powder sugar?

sara says:

The cook with you sound so easy , love you

Jessica Wu says:

I like your recipes so much!

Ravi Benjamin says:

Tried This….Superb!!  and Fast. Thank you so much for sharing. 

m. taylor says:

I tend to mash the garlic into a paste & use sea salt instead of soy/oyster sauce. The soy sauce makes the shrimps soggy again, and most bottled oyster sauce has msg. This is an Americanized recipe.

Edmund Plantagenet says:

I made this with garlic and ginger from a jar and it still came out nice. Fresh ingredients would be nicer of course but I wasn’t too upset with it. Also I cooked some green beans to go with it.

wjrasmussen666 says:

I cook frozen shrimp from time to time, but what is the best way to thaw it to retain flavor?  I usually soak in water.  Although I don’t dry them as suggested so maybe they are getting steamed…

Moses rees says:

Great Recipe! I didn’t have any oyster sauce, so I substituted lime juice and some sriracha sauce, and added some freshly grown lemon grass to the green mixture, new favorite dish!

Del says:

You forgot the clean the guacamole off of your tongs.

Meyer Benari says:

Great ish. A small variation. When the dish is just about ready I add a good dollop of sweet chili sauce and stir fry for a few more seconds . Gives the shrimps an additional great flavor

Tom Hanks says:

lmao she uses a bud grinder for her garlic, nice lol

L L says:

Great tips for cooking shrimp. I always end up with what tastes more like steamed shrimp which is not what i want.

Lalit Kumar Kitchen says:

Every country loves Indian foods if I’m not wrong mostly the chicken dishes because we use a lot of different spices to enhance the flavor. We already crossed 1M views 🙂 Please have a look into my channel, doont forget to jump on the red button.

TheRockchic4 says:

im going to try this, i have bought some shrimps bt i didn’t know what to do to them. Looks yummy

Khamille Zapata says:

I tried this twice! such an easy and yummy recipe for the whole family 🙂

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