Easy Chinese Doughnut Recipe (Crisp Fried Breadstick) | 油條 Yóutiáo

Make homemade Chinese Doughnuts (aka Yóutiáo 油條) with my easy overnight recipe. Using only 6 ingredients and the help of a cold rise dough method + time, you can make the dough in advance just in time for breakfast the next day.

♥ Printable Recipe and more tips on my blog here (NOTE, Please use the printable recipe as there were some measurement errors mentioned in the video):

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littledragon says:

after rest for 1 hours, still too sticky to knead. :C

Phanuphong_Frost_ Nanthawutwarakorn says:

我喜欢油條. 油條很好吃.
I like Chinese doughnuts. Chinese doughnuts are very tasty.

mayuri Shetty says:

So lovely natural channel so easy to understand

ရာမည သက္သီမန္ says:

welcome to cake

Vittaya Laohapanich says:

Thanks for the cool video. Noticed the candy thermometer. Want to ask is Sur la Table a sponsor because they should be… :-). .

Windy Here says:

Angel, if I add sesame seeds to the dough, will it give the breadstick an added flavoring?

碧琴 says:

I add baking soda but also can make

Fraser Montgomery says:

Hey Angel…I tried the exact ingredients and method and it turned out just like yours. I am so thrilled because I tried other recipes and also yours (6 times!!!) and it was disastrous – is because I did not follow exactly. Now I know not to reinvent the wheel. Thanks Angel.

Myleisha Da Silva says:

You make everything look so simple! 🙂

patricia chang says:

一I have try it 3 time , and still can not get it like yours . Are you sure you you did not forget some ingredient for the Chinese donut?

Alice Angel says:


Sunny Torrente says:

Hi Angel,Can I use normal salt instead of using kosher salt?

nsyakirahs says:

my dough is very tacky before the 1 hr rest. is it normal? i really want this to work

Gladys Wang says:

Hi, Angel, thank you so very much for all your nice videos especially mostly for Taiwanese dishes. Super..:) And thank you for all your efforts and time making all the films. Also, may i know more details about Support this channel? Thank you!

Puiying Wong says:

hi Angel! May I know what’s the minimum time for the dough to sit in the fridge? because I wanna try the recipe on the same day. thanks for sharing!

Esecoupseu Wonwoo says:

we call it cakoi in malaysia !

n n says:

kosher salt?

David says:

I’m new to your channel and I really like it. You do a fantastic job. Your videos are filmed well and you do a great job explaining things. Yes, I’ve subscribed.

2be you. says:

these donuts look good. did u use vegetable oil?

Terri Cooper says:

does anyone know if olive oil can be used instead of vegetable oil?

Digitalis says:

hi, great video!! I was wondering if you also plan on making a video for 牛脷酥 some time in the near future.

Bunny rabbit Mommy says:

I’m going to try it today…hope tomorrow turn out to be just the same

channel for everyone by Susanlv says:

you copy our country food frist we made that and i am myanmar or burmese

Thing Hue Chew says:

Hi , Angel ! I’ve put the dough in the fridge for 20 hours but why it won’t rise and puff up

Emma Gallagher says:

These look great, but will they still be okay if reheated ?

PaTRiCK Ho says:

hi I used baking soda from the video (cause I thought it will work) and I confirm the product will be disastrous. I just realised after reading your comment that it should be baking powder (as usual). I will try again ….hope it works this time. Thx again

Arie Hangara says:

how about yeast

Sophia Zheng says:

Hi are you allowed to add some yeast to speed up the process?

AR MS says:

dont forget…tie up your hair..✌

Darkness Soulx says:

Angle how do u get the dough to be so puffy Coz when I fry it it doesn’t puff up at all

Fang W says:


Oak says:

i tried making it with maida flour, cos that was all i had at the time. the shape turned out well but the inside was really ‘floury’ and didnt cook. it tasted so bad. what exact flour actually works?

Nbo Anna says:

Hi Angel Wong’s Kitchen 我阿姨以前送過我一包Chia Te牛奶酥餅(milk cakes),是在台北買的,那個牛奶酥餅真的很好吃,但我只吃過那一次,以後沒有機會吃了。我的意思是您可以教我怎麼做牛奶酥餅嗎?Anyway, I love your videos a lot ^^

patricia chang says:

What kind of plain flour? Strong medium or cake?

Ye Eason says:


Aaron Yan says:

I tried making it yesterday, but the dough came out very hard! I followed the exact recipe with the baking powder. I haven’t fried it yet, but the dough is so hard and tense that I feel like this is not going to work 🙁

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