Easy Asian Coconut Jello Recipe [Updated Video]

This is an updated coconut jello video recipe that I made a few months ago.

9 cups of water ( can add 10 cups if wanted the jello little more soft)
1 package of agar agar
I can of coconut milk
1 1/2 cup of sugar ( can add 2 cups if wanted sweeter)
1 teaspoon of salt

Add the 1 package of agar agar into the room temperature 9 or 10 cups of water and stir them. Turn on the heat to high and boil the water and agar agar and continue to stir. Now add the sugar and 1 can of coconut milk to the water and agar agar mixture. Keep the heat on and let it boil. Once it boiled just turn off the heat and 1 teaspoon of salt and stir. Carefully pour the mixture into the pan. Put it in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours so it can solidify.


Arctic Circle says:

Ms Dany so beautiful presentation. …just excellent. No loud music or audio just fine….

Suaad Hameed says:

haw many grams agar agar?

Maw Maw says:

Can u show me how to make two layer mean different color

Star Sou says:

I’m making this right now, but I wanted to point out that your description in the video is different from your description in the box.

Isabel Wang says:

Im sorry if this is a stupid question but how much ml is 9 cups?

Elizabeth Nguyen says:

Hi Dany if I wanted to add this into a fresh coconut will the results still be the same? The clear part will be at the bottom and solid on top? And should I pour the mixture into the coconut while its piping hot?

Ladda saengsawang says:

Can I use coconut cream I bought the wrong 1

Darlyn Anthony says:

yummy yummy

Peize Liang says:

Am I allowed to add vanilla extract to this?

ng Robert says:

can I meet u how to make

Brenda Saetern says:

I tried this but didn’t get the same results. Can you be more specific of what cup you used and how high was the heat turned up? I used the measuring cup for everything.

NkaujHli yang says:


NkaujHli yang says:

how many oz the coconut milk? did you use the 19oz or 16oz ?

Dana Yoo says:

can you use gelatin instead of agar agar?

Susan Yang says:

wow! thanks, I will attempt one day! looks so delish!

nil nilanjona says:

can i use china grass insted of agar agar?

Ladda saengsawang says:

It’s was delicious

Senna Hwang says:

Is agar agar the same as gelatin powder???

Lana K says:

I done this coconut jello before, but my white and clear part did not separate. Can you tell me why that happen? Thank you in advance!

Mama Pat Dontoh says:

what is agai agai? is there an alternative to this agai agai please.? thanks

Julia Fang says:

Hi, so really it’s just coconut that will turn translucent? I’m tempting to try this. Thank you!

hmoobthoj4 says:

your directions are different from the video. in the video u said to just let it sit but in the directions u said to refrigerate. and plus my coconut didn’t separate right.

MAJE5TYY says:

Do you know how to get more of the white part rather than translucent? I’ve always eaten this at restaurants but enjoyed the soft white part a lot more than the translucent.

MsMickeyL says:

I try this and the coconut cream did not float to the top. Do I add in the coconut cream last?

luna vang says:

Which can of coconut milk you use? 13.5 oz or 19oz?

Carrie Olsen says:

Tank you for the quick reply. also how can you flavor them like strawberry or lychee?

Koua Vue says:

My jello doesn’t have two layers do you know why?

Carrie Olsen says:

How long will this last in the fridge? I want to make it to put in my taro tea. Thanks

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