Chinese Stir Fried Vegetable Lo Mein Noodles Recipe 青菜炒麵 by CiCi Li

Today let’s learn how to cook Chinese stir fried vegetable Lo Mein Noodles together! 今天我們一起學做青菜炒麵 !Yes yes~ As you can see that I’m still a chef in Training at Radiance Fine Asian Cuisine. However, I’d love to share my journey to becoming a real Chinese Master Chef with you. I hope you like this recipe~!

16 ounces of Chinese Lo Mein (or Linguine noodles)
½ cup of julienned Chinese cabbage
1/4 cup of julienned onions
1/ 8 cup of julienned mushrooms
1/8 cups of julienne scallions
1/16 cups of carrots
1 teaspoon of oyster sauce
1 teaspoon of hoisin sauce
½ teaspoon of salt
½ teaspoon of sugar
½ teaspoon of soy sauce
½ teaspoon of dark soy sauce
½ teaspoon of of sesami oil
a dash of pepper

1. Cook noodles according to directions on package or boil it for about minutes. Cool the noodles down with cold water to prevent sticking. Set aside.
2. In the skillet, heat oil, add onions, mushrooms, cabbages, and carrots. Stir fried for about 1 minute to 3 minutes.
3. Add back the noodles and mix them all together.
4. Add seasoning and mix well.
5. Add the scallions and mix well.

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starshine says:

can you make chinese food like the other chinese lady did like in a bowl with water in it

donatellag635 says:

Oyster sauce…so they re not suitable
For vegans..I ve always been in doubt when I m in a chinese restaurant…so I should ask for dishes without animal sauces and not only egg..any suggestions?thanks

China Icons says:

This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it!

Tenebris M says:

You dont have to add the msg

Loveyoutube4ever says:

I want to this amazing Chinese restaurant and they had this noodle that had rice and sweet chicken. what is that dish called. BTW I love your videos. you’re great cook.

marangalie says:

can you please do a show about how to make New York egg rolls and chicken wings please?

Richard Debideen says:

oooh kool thanks so much I gotta try dis method yr the best thanks again cici

Tryhitme cs says:

haha she is cute! 🙂 and it looks yummy! :)))))

Brandon Bateman says:

Ok I found it Ty

Richard Debideen says:

wen I go to the various Asian restaurants and I buy noodles I get a taste of smokeyness,I love it can u tell me how is dis achieved. please ive tryed countless methods but failed 🙁

eduardoaello Sinaloa says:

🙂 gracias, me encanta la comida china., Thanks little girl for the receipe, you are so funny smile and cook very good. Have a good new year 2017 lol.

Martin Carrillo says:

thank u. craving this My favorite

Osman Barrie says:

it was good and give me that shit


The Chef tasting her made food says in Chinese ” To much MSG” HA HA Just kidding CICI, Looks like he love & approves it.?

s-zakagami says:

i usually use coleslaw vegetables to make this just so i wont have to chop the veggies lol

Mr. Lolo says:

Miss CiCi, when I stir fry noodles they always stick to my pan. How can I avoid this? Also, Im having a difficult time finding the type of noidle you used, xan I replace with any type of even ramen?

Anali Rangel says:

Hey , for the seafood sauce can you substitute for fish sauce or what can you substitute with?

Mathy Don says:

Will you please show how to pull noodles, I’ve seen people do that many times but no one gives a good explanation. It looks fun, like spinning pizza dough which I also can’t do… Well, can’t do competently.

Romina's Creative World101 says:

so u r mandarin


NO Garlic,? Or Ginger in it? Why not.?


Does Wal Mmart carry those Lo Mein Noodles.? Anyone know.?

Brandon Bateman says:

what is the full list of ingredients? please tell me

Richard Debideen says:

hey cici wats seefu sauce?

DominicFrancisMom says:

whats the brand of dark soy sauce?

Christopher Harrison Dipl. Ac., L. Ac. says:

I like cantonese dry style stir fried noodles (which this is not); fortunately I was trained in how to make the dish, so I can make it anytime I get the urge. Unfortunately no-one makes it anymore here in NYC.

itsDivy says:

too cute when she speaks chinese, tho i dont understand

pugsy malone says:

I think you made A very. delicious dinner and thanks for your help

PrecXx B. says:

nice…should use diff spoon for each sauce ok

siddhi margaj says:

U r so cute

more soda says:

She’s hot

Selena Ramos says:

The Noodles looks Great,Makes me Hungry Great job.

Tainted Knives says:

I wanna marry this woman…

Huy Nguyen Ho says:

This is best food ever

ddavid122 says:

You are pretty.

Yougi G says:

i tried it. its freaking yummy esp if you add marinated chicken

edvin chandra says:

that fire is big now wonder I can’t make stir fry like that


CICI is a very Attractive? Looking woman.? And she can Cook, To.?


where can I buy that stove with a rocket booster?

Devin Hall says:

is the sesame oil also what you use to do the stir fry? i see you use it after the stir fry is done but is it used for cooking the stir fry too or do you use something else

Sara Toninelli says:

why is he eating the noodles and then touching the food to serve with same sticks?

BomAteMyCorn says:

I have made this three times these past 3 months. I actually did and liked a recipe on youtbe this is amazing thank you. I hope if i go to the US one day i can go to your restaurant

rohit yadav says:

nice video

smurfarooney2003 says:

can you do the recipe for cream of sumyungai ?

rico suave says:

dat ass tho :9
just as delicious I bet.

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