CHINESE PORK CHOPS (The Family Recipe)

My father made the BEST Chinese Pork Chops. He passed away in August 2012, so I asked my mother if we could recreate his recipe.
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Lynn Chen is an actor (Saving Face, Silicon Valley, Fear the Walking Dead) who started blogging in 2009 (The Actor’s Diet). She also hosts a podcast and is an Ambassador for The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).


Liz Alper says:

Love love love Mama Chen!!!

Cowboy fan says:

Yes, keep cooking with mom.

Laura Dewi says:

i will try it tonight and……more recipes…..please…..

Jerry Villarreal says:

looks great going to make for lunch glad to see you kept up with your Dads cooking don’t see that much in this day an age.


I thought your broccoli is not well cook ! but pork taste delicious.

Dany78mx Rodriguez says:

more recipe with u mom please

Christine Watson says:

love your personality

linda ward says:

very good and fast recipe. I think I will try it. Yes, please more recipes!!!!

themadhatter196 says:

I made this for my father and he loved them! I substituted the broccoli for cabbage, it turned out great.

Linda Vest says:

SHE’S EXACTLY LIKE MY MAMA !!! Love you two!!!

Cynthia Begay says:

I totally need to try your dad’s recipe 🙂

M.K. Smith says:

It was unnecessary to correct your mother’s pronunciation; she was perfectly understandable.

attra91 says:

Fine looking your father. Sorry for your loss.

Beverley Lai says:

This is so delicious! Made this today and it was a hit! Thank you for sharing your dad’s pork chop recipe.


Thank You for sharing : ) can wait to try.

metalko koma says:

the daughter is an actress?
audition is ready

Willis Den says:

My dad was not a well rounded cook; he had one solid dish. Every time someone in the family was under the weather, my dad would make an egg drop soup that was divine. He passed away 4 years ago. Wish I had a chance to get the recipe from him. Perhaps, I too will ask my mom. Thanks for sharing.

crackercookies says:

Thumps Up on “Too Heavy”

Romeo James says:

Young Lady you’re making me feel hungry I would like to have some please thank you yummy

Marie Ysais says:

I would love to see more of your mom and her recipes ! Can’t wait to try the pork chops.

candyberried says:

Aww how heartwarming!

Mai Elena Song Thorn says:

Wow! It looks amazing! Actually reminds me of a korean dish I make 🙂 Your mom is really sweet, please yes bring her in again!

Esmeralda Ramos says:

cook more!. my boss love it!

yumi dog says:

I tried this recipe because it looked so simple. It was so good. Thank you for sharing.

Leonardo Chang says:

Thank you for your recipe, I really enjoyed hearing your story. You have inspired me to make my own cooking video. You see, I was raised by my Grandparent of which my grandfather is full blooded Chinese we came to this country from Cuba in the early 70’s.
My Grandfather had owned his own restaurant for many years in which I grew up and spend many hours in. I Love to cook all his recipes from the fried rice to the chicken with black bean sauce and the steamed whole snapper my favorite.
I just enjoy how I get a quick flashback of my grandfather every time the aroma of his recipe hit the air, it’s indescribable. So I thank you and your mother again for sharing your story and recipe. Keep cooking!

Linda Blaise says:

I hope you and your Mom end up on TV. You both are a joy.

Theresa GRANT-GUEST says:


wayne Sayer says:

You’re adorable, so is your mom.

Rocky Crocker says:

yes yes yes, I love this vid, more cooking with your Mom plz.

William Walker says:

muhammed said thou shalt not eat pork…and then went to molest aisha

Khan Handgai says:

I love that you are so close to your dear mama! and I enjoyed cooking the recipe of you dear daddy. I’m so sorry for your lost!

Melanie Davenport says:

I loved this video and would love to see more of you and your Mom cooking!!!

GrandRidgeEntertainment says:

yes please.. : )

wangbowtie1 says:

that was pleasent to watch. thank you

Lisa Guerrero says:


Soulsastatic says:

Uh you’re so gorgeous and cute at the same time haha. And food is always a bonus 🙂 All the best

Kate W says:

I just made this and it’s sooooo delicious!!! Even though I’m not Chinese, I’m getting my doctorate in Chinese medicine so I feel like this food was good for my soul too haha please make more dishes with your mom!! She seems so awesome, as do you 🙂 thanks for the recipe!!!

jojo Hii says:

Thanks to show your warm family moment. I will try your dad recipe n expect my hubby would love it.

Belinda Tan says:

cool mom ,perfect bonding ,looks so yummy

Jesus Adames says:

Thanks for the video can”t wait to try this

sandgaijin says:

very cool. maybe I’ll make that tonight. which part of China did your family come from? I lived in Guangzhou a few years ago.

villfer78 says:


Mary Anderson says:

Love to see you cooking with your mom. God bless!

BorschtBlue says:

High heat in a non-stick pan such as that is not a good idea.

Sylvia Gardner says:

Is there a substitute for soy sauce I can’t have a lot of sodium

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