Chinese Pork Buns Recipe / 豬肉白菜包子

How to make Xiao Long Bao Pork Buns:
My video on How To Prepare Dough:

Baozi(Buns) is a traditional Chinese dish, it is very popular in China.
1 lb ground pork
1/2 lb Chinese cabbage
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil
green onion
a little bit of ginger

the dough ingredients
1/2 tsp active dry yeast
1 cup warm water
3 cups all-purpose flour
Music made for me by Used with permission from the artist


iroguebot says:

Are these good to feeding to waifus? I have a new waifu and need to know what she eats/drinks and how many times a day, ty.

louisMPMY says:

Wow!! Turns out it’s simple yet complicated, I actually made it a but bigger and Malaysian style that bad boy too, I add half an egg into the meat. But your bun make me drool like crazy!!


what do I do iaded water but thedogh is so hard

Grace Paulin says:

I used all purpose flour and my dough turn yellowish not white? What is the secret to have white dough? Thank you.

Jasmine productions says:

i love you porkbuns

Munchie says:

I love love love pork buns!!!

greg5143 says:

How do you avoid soggy bottoms?

Elena Escobedo says:

por favor la receta en castellano soy de Lima Perú bendiciones y gracias.

fresh milk says:

hinata shouyou brought me here

Tim Yung says:

Hello, I notice you don’t need to wait for the dough to rise before filling it with the stuffings, am I right? Is this the same formula for cha siu bao or your steam bun formula? Thanks

DJGahann says:

Tried this today. All went well until it came to the actual steaming. I didn’t put the buns in until water was boiling in my metal glass lid steamer, left it to steam for 25 minutes. Result: glass coloured rubber like buns! Also, the buns appeared until slightly raw still, but another steaming session didn’t restore the damage. Sold them as tennis balls.

Any idea what could’ve gone wrong? Water drops from the glass lid onto the buns, also gathering below the buns in the basket?

Thank you!

Ep Pe says:

can you make another video how exactly how to make the Buns

Lane Murphy says:

im hungry now

Mel que says:

The music put me to asleep while watching

DatSaUrinal DatSaToilet says:

a man who never eat dog bun is not Asian

Happy Lucky says:

How can you make this if you don’t have the steamer? I am very curious because I want to make this badly but I don’t have it

hellatze says:

what sesame oil used for ?

(its expensive in my country)

Isabella Domenichini says:

Amazing pork bun

Grace Leung says:


Kayla Sarjeant says:

What do you do if you don’t have a steamer like yours? And where could I get one if it’s necessary?

Karan Randhawa says:

anime brought me here

snow cherry says:

May I know the cup size? how many grams of flour that u used for these pao?

Elena Escobedo says:

está excelente pero no está en español

doytch magient says:

I havent go out of my room for 36 hours ago and havent eaten anything.. Wtf am i doing watching food making instead of eating-__-

Mrs Alhashemi says:

can i boil them instead of steaming them?

Ale Ale says:

hermoso!!! en español??? por favooorrr!!!!!

Ananta Video Gohain says:

the buns inside pork meat is not cook perfectly.

JakeGaming says:

no 2014 that’s when my best friend moved away and I wanted to make this with him :, (

son goku says:

dragon ball z brought me here.

Walle C says:

Sleeping Dogs brought me here. “Looks like you need a Pork Bun!” Lol

Causa Sui says:

rolling pin skillz

น้องจิ๊บ พริตตี้รถเหล็ก says:


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