Chinese Char Siu Pork Recipe (Chinese Style Cooking Recipe)

Chinese Char Siu Pork Recipe (Chinese Style Cooking Recipe)

Welcome to Xiao’s Kitchen. My name is Xiao Wei, ever since my Mother taught me how to cook at an early age, I have always had a strong passion for Cooking. My family still live in Inner Mongolia in the northern part of China, where I visit each year and pick-up new Asian/Chinese recipes.

500g Pork Shoulder
3 Tbsp Honey
1 Tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
1 Tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1 Tbsp Cooking Wine
2 Tbsp Hoisin Sauce
1 Tsp Sesame Oil
3 Tbsp Soft Brown Sugar
1 Tsp Chinese Five-Spice
1 Clove Of Garlic

1. Finely chop the garlic
2. Cut the pork joint into half
3. In a shallow dish, mix 1 Tbsp of the honey, soy sauce, cooking wine, Hoisin sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar, garlic and Chinese five-spice
4. Place the pork into the dish, massage the sauce into the meat – ensure an even coverage, cover and leave to marinate in fridge for 8 to 10 hours
5. Preheat oven to 180 C
6. Line a baking tray with baking paper and then set a wire rack on the tray
7. Place the pork on the rack with gap in between, reserve the marinate sauce
8. Place into oven & roast for about 20 minutes, then brush with the reserved marinate sauce on both sides
9. Return it to the oven, roast for further 20 minutes till the pork is cooked with a deep red-amber colour, remove from oven
10. Turn oven to 200 C
11. Mix the remaining honey with 1 Tbsp of boiling water, brush onto the pork, return it to the oven and cook for 2-3 minutes each side till the edges blacken slightly
12. Turn off the oven, remove pork and leave to stand for 5 minutes
13. Slice pork into ½cm or thinner, place onto a dish and serve

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kornnutt4eva says:

@Xiao’s Kitchen Hi, I noticed when the sauces, spices and wine were stirred, it looked like it was bubbling 2:37 and I saw some smoke 2:42 (up close). But the next scene when the pork was placed in the baking dish, it was on a cutting board. Were my eyes playing a trick on me?

OmiGosch says:

Thank you for sharing.Will cook this on sunday!

Greg Harris says:

The roast setting is f or c?

peterstang says:

That’s what I wanted. Good recipe, good cook. Thx.

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Mmmmmmmm!!!! Awesome vid! Thank you

Truth Hurtz says:

I love how you make everything step by step….subbing !!

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Love the song that’s playing

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TinaBombina says:

Looks beautiful Xiao! Thank you for sharing this xx

Jon Jones says:

You mean 180 C. …Celsius

Mike G says:

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TrumpetMan says:

Great video! However, unless I’m missing something, you do not tell us what temperature to set the oven for roasting the pork?

jfingers15 says:

Thank you. I’m looking for a good char siu for guests.

simp son says:

stupid back ground music…

Eugene Nyunt says:

Imagine the unfortunate creature having her throat slit, then thrashing about on a cold concrete warehouse floor, before finally bleeding out after an eternity of unimaginably excruciating pain. You say you’re rational, sensitive, modern, and love animals ?! Think again if you eat suffering, dementia, obesity, rank B.O, cancer, and thoughtless evil.

Troy Vance says:

I’m Lovin’ it!

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Wonderful tutorial! Keep up excellent work.

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