Chinese Barbecue Pork (Char Siu) Recipe – How to Make Chinese-Style BBQ Pork

Learn how to make a Chinese Barbecue Pork (Char Siu) Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Chinese-Style BBQ Pork!


Tyne 000 says:

I love your videos! They are concise, and watching them makes cooking seem less intimidating for me! Thank you!

Dracon Bacon says:

FOOD COLORING IS NOT SAFE!! It makes you dye on the inside.

jojo hun says:

who the fuck is this guy

Nick says:

you outdid yourself on this one. nice job!

avcbtumblr says:

It’s just pronounced exactly the way it is spelled. Char like in charcoal, siu like…siu?

Philip Xu says:

I hope that people can get to know that it is a Cantonese dish.

Pedro Gomes says:

I have the ketchup, is it enough??

Tippy H says:

U R ‘FANTASTIC!’ cant wait 2 make. thanks chef John

Ιωαννης Πνευματικος says:

Jim Carrey….

KDoeBeatz says:

cha sow

Gian Densing says:

Bao buns!

Seamus Howling says:

Bacon salt!

James Stein says:

Hey chef john, You should put nutrition facts along with the meals you prepare!

Jon Stimpleton says:

chef john with that sly neutrality

Brandon Wunderlich says:

Respect on the Tyrone Lue reference

greimalkin says:

yum do more Asian recipes… Or actually you know I really hope that there is an Asian YouTuber out there who can do a better job of recipes. Sometimes I look for them but I never really find them. a good one I mean

RevelationB says:


michael scotto says:

“-Which like me isn’t very attractive, but it is effective” Jesus Christ.

Bonnie Brier says:

Well made this and it taste just like chinese cooked my hubby loved it . I made extra to freeze . But he said I dont think so, he wants to keep eating it. So thanks it is perfect .

Morten Bakke says:

wohoo, pork shoulder is freakingly cheap, and i love it, so I’m def gonna try this out this coming week:D

Alex Lancaster says:

Chef John, would you be interested in a video on ratatouille?

Jason Binns says:

We really liked it, but I cut ours way too thin. Can’t wait to try thy it again. Sauce was right on the authentic Asian restaurant mark.!

allahbole says:

The vocal cadence is so distracting

Victor Hwang says:

You should add some MSG chef 🙂

EL EVO says:

This looks amazing, Will def give it a try, Seems these Chinese restarants in NY have different style tasting BBQ spare or boneless ribs. I am still looking for that old school spare rib, not to sweet and not to sour, with the flavor of chared peices and Blackend tasty spots. What ever happend to good chinese food ?

Dimas Akbar says:

For a less artificial colouring, you can use Red Yeast Rice. It is usually available in chinatown part of your city.

teeangle says:

I lost it at communism lol

Ballin says:

Chef John gets me moist between the lips

John Wong Kim Siong says:

char as in char-coal and siew as in see-you crammed up into one syllabus.

Elizabeth W says:

eat it with hainan rice or egg noodles :)))

fglend73 says:

Why not just reserve some sauce to glaze later instead of wasting time having to simmer it?

Biff Tannin says:

country crock commercial before the video makes me sad actually….

James Dooling says:

This is seriously easier in an oven.

Frank K says:

Chef John, have you already made Brazilian Açaí na tigela (“açaí in the bowl”)? If you haven`t yet then please would you? Any flavor will be fine. Thank you!

The Donald says:

Why Tyron Lue of all people? we dont wanna get crossed then stepped over by someone

RET says:

Does he have a face?

greimalkin says:

can you do some recipes telling me how I can use my muddler? For some reason I bought a muddler last year I’ve used it like once

KTFlaSh96 says:

Actually called “Cha Shao” in proper chinese. but char siu is also acceptable for non-chinese pronunciation xD

Joseph Charles says:

If this tastes half as good as it looks… It’s like candy.

kraxetk says:

Looks authentic to me, Chef John. Please do more barbeque videos.

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