Chicken Chop Suey Asian


waLkonair says:

I love the idea, cook chicken first then stir fry all other ingredients. might cook this one day.

MSE. Dzirasa says:

According to Asians chop suey is not a traditional Asian dish but rather an American dish with Asian leanings, invented in Boston…

Jose Bone says:

I can hear the traffic. Ha, must live in the big city.

realtorjoan says:

you really like saying ‘pak choyie’ eeh? It is really bok choy.

Paula Johnson says:

Nice, but that’s definitely not chop suey as served in Chinese restaurants here.

The real deal is heavy on snow peas, bok choy, bean sprouts, water chestnuts and a colorless corn starch-based sauce. It takes less than 10 minutes to make, with meats, poultry or fish of choice added.

Shrimp shop suey was my mother’s favorite Chinese food, served over steamed white rice with soy sauce. For decades, she bought a lot of it from the most popular local restaurants and it was always cooked the same way.

Nathaniel Collins says:

Now you want getting fancy. Lol

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