Che Thai (Asian Fruit Cocktail) Recipe

This dessert is the most perfect dessert to have on a warm day! Makes me wish summer would hurry up and come!

Layers of faux pomegranate seeds, fresh jackfruit, and lychee are some things that go in this light and refreshing treat. It’s also topped with shaved ice and a coconut sauce that’ll rock your socks! 🙂

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Theresa pham says:

I want some NOW!!!

Pahoua moua says:

Love it. … could you list the ingredients for hire to make the green jello. .

amber lee says:

For the green jello, how much water do I use for one pack?

Samantha Tom says:

This looks so good.

Uk LangThang says:

To be honest. Che Thai doesn’t have lychee & pineapple jelly and your version is lack of ‘the soul of the desert’ which is the durian soup. However, nice alternative : )

drummerchef851 says:

Wow! The faux seeds are an Awesome touch! Great recipe.

Nita says:

it looks yummy bong. you make me miss home 🙁

Phoebe König says:


MsSimplyDiana says:

Looks so yummy! I love to make this! Where did you get that huge dessert bowl from? Thanks!

Audrey Myles says:

i Really like the cocktail and the way You Talk While making it 😀 Looks really yummy !! 

joecris panganiban says:

We call that halo-halo in Philippines, (“halo” means “mix” in English)

ITSATRAP ! says:

Errhmaigawd it looks so good.

Tanya Bernadino says:

Makes me miss my home

kelly trinh says:

will the seed dissolve in the che thai making it thick?

Jocelyn Staats says:

Too much talk in introduction
Pls make it simple

Eric Nguyen says:
Py Nguyễn says:

Vietnammmmm <3

Mradz89 says:

its like “halo-halo” a popular dessert from the philippines…

BBGBeyblades says:

R u vietnamese?

nope nope says:

Mmmm, looks delish

sunlocket says:

Why fake pomegranate seeds? Why not real?

rintube12 says:

nice job! this looks very interesting and would definitely be great for summertime!

Ruby Mae Alfonso says:

want to try this too 🙂

linda ang says:

Just got one from the vietnamese store yesterday. ….surely try to make my own soon. Thanks for the recipe 😉

Sana Meshari says:

omg this looks good

Savat Vuthy says:

and I’m first 😀

acexkeikai says:

for the green ‘jell-o’ I think I would use Pandan flavoring I like it better than banana flavor and I can find pandan extract in the asian market

Apsara Kitchen says:

Yummy! I’m try to make this soon

Karina Zelaya says:

‘m Jim

Kelyrin's Cooking & Bento says:

That was an awesome video, thanks !! 🙂 I’m subscribing to you 🙂

girl in a food frenzy says:

You’ve taken me right back to my holidays in Vietnam. a Fruit Cocktail with loads of crushed ice, an umbrella and a very happy me! Love that you make the jellies from scratch too!

Savat Vuthy says:

I only watch your videos to see you 🙂

vera severing says:

I have to make this, whe call this ” chendol ” INDONESIA”.here I live in Greece it.should be nice for the summer in the garden to serve it..colour full..Thanks..

Sola Prach says:

Hmmm… I’m hungry…


Indonesian dessert (Es Dawet, Es buah,Es Cendol )

sb mm says:


kelly trinh says:

hi about how long do you think I can keep the pomegranate seed after i make them and put it in ice water,how long can i keep it in the ice water?do you think i can make the seeds in the morning and then use it at night to make?

Mayar Adam says:

you should have used gell food coloring

miracle fune says:

It’s Vietnamese but the name says it’s literally thai…

kimberly Polovick says:

That look delicious made it look easy ..fantastic desert

Aaliyah Enriquez says:

Can yuhh make a video of coconut jelly

Anh Nguyen says:


MsSimplyDiana says:

Looks so yummy! I love to make this! Where did you get that huge dessert bowl from? Thanks!

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