Char siu, also known as chinese bbq pork, is one of the most famous and delicious Chinese recipes. Watch the entire video to learn how to cook char siu pork.

Here is the Ingredients amount

For the Char Siu Sauce:

4 tbsp of honey
2 tbsp of light soy sauce
1 tbsp of chinese cooking wine
1 tbsp garlic chili sauce
1 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 tbsp of hoisin sauce
1/2 tsp of five spices
2 tsp of dark soy sauce (color option)
1 pieces of chinese soy bean curb (color option)
1 tsp of red yeast powder (color option)

Simply mix them. There are many variations to this famous Chinese barbecue sauce, so if it’s not perfect for you, adjust!


3 pounds skinless pork belly or pork shoulder


1. Cutting your pork in to 2 cm thick, it is easy to marinate and bake;
2. Marinate the pork overnight or at least 10 hours;
3. Adding some corn flour after marinating, is a traditional way to make char siu, which will lock the juice inside the meat and create a shining flavorful glaze

Enjoy 🙂


Louie M says:

excellent video!

Scott Brinks says:

We have used this recipe twice now and each time it is more delicious. We love (I love!) Char Siu… thank you for this clear and easy way to make wonderful Chinese pork! You are the best!

Hing Yee says:

Hurrah!~ Hurrah!

saw tooth says:

personally i’d like to stuff the whole thing in my mouth without slicing..))

robert McCreary says:

I got to my Chinese restaurant and order mine

Souped Up Recipes says:

The recipe and simple steps are in the description. Hope you enjoy my recipes. comment me if you have any questions.

Niharika Talwar says:

It looks amazing !! I can’t stop laughing!! Your jokes are working !

Cookiemonster Tana says:

How do you stay soo thin eating the qty you eat that’s about 500g pork you just ate ? But your stick thin

Daliddlist says:

Oh my! This looks so delicious! I want to make this very soon! I’m having problems finding 2 ingredients! I can’t find the Chinese soybean curd and the red yeast powder!?! Where can I find these? I live in Northern California in a small community. I even tried searching on Amazon. Can you please help me so I can make this? Thanks for sharing your wonderful, authentic recipes! Yes, I have subscribed! I don’t want to miss any of your delightful creations!

Ms Q says:

It’s look good.
If you can speak faster the video will be perfect! Thanks for sharing the recipe

yapseokhoon says:

Wow!!!! I made this,it taste really very nice…Tks for sharing.I appreciated…love you

Lilmama Taurus says:

Hi can you please make combination rice please thanks . I subscribed love your videos .

bruceleeroy69 says:

Ok, we love your videos, please don’t stop. This sauce has made my smoked ribs, pork or anything meat a killer. One question, where is your boyfriend or husband? You have a great personality and you can cook like a professional.

Nate Great says:

I will be making this asap

Rusty says:

Looks way too black!

William Parker says:

You’re absolutely terrific! Thank you!

Wayne Mierzwa says:

I like your videos,hard to get a lot of ingredence in Guatemala! Sure looks good!

dinomyte72 says:

Hi Mandy! I ove your channel! You make these recipes look easy! Could you make bbq pork steam buns in one of your videos? I’ve tried to make make them and, while they are tasty, I can never get the dough fluffy. I’m sure you have the “trick” to make them right!

Kẏra ​ says:

What is red yeast powder? All I can find is red yeast rice

In4It789cat says:

That looks so so good!! Mmmm!!

DeathEchoVII says:

I know this has nothing to do with cooking but I like your long hair.

evvignes says:

OMG Bangs, you’re the best!!

sunil j says:

Ur smile says it all…Ship running in mouth…hh

pl capeli says:

pork belly is fat why are you trimming it ??

Stephen LaFleur says:

Nice that so delicious!! I love it your cooking video.

CodiganKelly1983 says:

There is no better way to eat pork. Char Siu is the best.

Yourenai says:

Amazing video, thanks Mandy! just a quick question, when you add the corn flour into the marinate, is it in proportion to the amount of sauce in it? ie, if I’m using 3 pounds of meat, Ill put in 3 tbs of the flour?

Shella Hablizel says:

Hi! Is pork loin and pork shoulder the same?

dukhi Irani says:

thank you ..but I hate Pig and pork meat

villa teng says:

Awesome, love your recipe, thanks for sharing, i have food channel in case you like to visit. Best wishes

Bobbie Abbott says:

What kind or brand of oven is that you are using?

evvignes says:

I watched this video again!
I promise I will make this dish and report back to you.
You are great teacher.
I will call you:
Sensei Bangs.
Live long and prosper

Pez Pez says:

Marry me!

Sean Teoh says:

Thank you for the recipe. Tried making it today and it was a delicious success.

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