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Kimchi Fried Rice Ingredients:

4 Slices thick cut bacon center cut, cut into bite sizes
1 cup Well fermented kimchi, chopped (More sour is better and homemade is even better!)
2 cups Jasmine rice, cooked and cooled
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Black pepper
Pinch of Gochugaru, Korean red pepper flakes, optional
2 green onion, chopped
2 eggs
Sesame seeds and oil for garnish


xiaoo lowz says:

I don’t have bacon can I use oil instead ?

Nicole Anselmo says:

Will it taste just as good with a substitute of brown rice? Or should I just stick with the white rice?

Dre Blackwell says:

where did you get the spoon from must have

TheKiamm says:

I just made this and your kimchi cucumber… I LOVE IT!!! My son loved it so much that he wants to know how to make it also…. You truly inspire me…. Please continue to share all your wonderful recipes.

Hanxi Xiao says:

please help me! I love kimchi fried rice! I have been trying to make kimchi fried rice for a few times and never succeeded. My kimchi fried rice dose not turn as red as yours do. It dose not taste as sour or spicy as the ones I had in the restaurants either. And the kimchi turns white as I stir fry them. I use store bought sliced kimchi, should I cut them to smaller pieces? Would that make a difference?

Tanzie Gaskin says:

Looks delish 😉

lee smith says:

can i move in with you? please please please 🙂

Lesley Goodman says:

Made this – LOVED IT! My husband claims he doesn’t like kimchi, however, there wasn’t a bite left of this fabulous dish! Thank you for making life so spicy and delicious. :^)

Anna Lena says:

this is really the best and most authentic Korean recipe.

Homie Blossom says:

This is the best recipe for Kimchi Fried Rice I have ever made! The fat from the Bacon when you saute the Kimchi in it, it is just so full of flavor!

Pang Xiong says:

is there any chance you can make a video of black bean noodles?

Denny Lim says:

Did you use sesame oil or vegetable oil to fry the rice?

4every1 and 2me xD says:

Is she Japanese??

zpyang says:

I made your kimchi and just made your fried rice this morning it was a hit with my family

Matt M says:

Can I substitute the bacon with shrimp instead?

s t says:

I’ve seen most of the recipes and they have gochujang. Since you didn’t use it and gochujang has a heavy flavour wouldn’t the fried rice taste different without it? >.<

john luyag says:

Just cooked this for dinner – so easy and tastes amazing!!

Bianca Prejean says:

You have a new subscriber !! I’m Hawaiian and Korean and Hawaiian food are very similar.. You gave me a GREAT new idea for kimchi.. THANK YOU !!!

Eating With Kirby says:

fantastic recipe video! Love it!! I just made my version of this on my channel too!

veronica au yeung says:

Hello Seonkyoung! I have a quick question – since I don’t eat bacon, would you recommend any other substitues? Your help is much apppreciated! Love your videos!

ycng says:

who would say no to this? hMM?

Sung Hwan Jun says:

Hello 선경씨!! I love to add spam on the 김치볶음밥 and I’m comfortable on getting store bought kimchi than making it because I like to leave my store bought kimchi in the room temperature so that it’ll ferment faster

Anna Nguyen says:

I don’t Even have kimchi but i still watching this Why??

Sung Hwan Jun says:

Hello 선경씨!! Nobody would say no because when I come over, I’ll try to eat with bacon. In the future, I’ll try to put it with pork belly

Zhao Shuang says:

oooooo yummy 😉

Lesley Goodman says:

Fried rice is probably my least favorite Asian dish, however, Kimchi Fried Rice grabbed my attention and your recipe did not fail! My husband claims to not like kimchi, but guess who was getting seconds?!? There was not a grain of rice left. I loved the depth of flavor from the kimchi and the juice, and of course – who can say no to bacon? Well done, once again. Tomorrow – Korean Street Toast. Can’t wait!

PrincessSakuno says:

love youuuuuuu cant wait to try this out!

uareri27 says:

My uncle gave us a big jar of (store bought) Kimchi, and it is getting boring to eat the kimchi as a side dish. But this recipe seems so easy, so I’ll definitely try it out!

ft hussain says:

What can u use instead of bacon?

Anna Lena says:

I am Korean and no one in my family puts Gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) in our Kimchi fried rice. I have seen some people putting in Gochujang when i went camping with my church, but for some reason, i found it very weired and unsuitble. Ok….my mind is telling me…..if you decide to put in Gochujang, you would probably have to even it out with a table spoon of sugar. Otherwise i guess it is better to just skip it. My mom does it exactly the way SeonKyung does, except that my mom is using Samgyupsal instead of Bacon. Sometimes my mom would also add some scrambled egg into the rice….but then of course skip the fried egg on top.

Nancy thi Bui says:


sWag kuz says:

watching this at 3:30 A.M as a university student and during exam time. Why do I do this to my self?

Ken Rongey says:

Just tried this tonight. SO GOOD!!

Elise H says:

it’s delicious!

Arce Lapuz says:

Wait i know you your the girl with the American right ?

Matt463634 says:

No Gochujang?

Sophy Kiss says:

I don’t like runny yolk, it taste and smells like raw chicken flesh. I will try this tomorrow first time making it, minus the bacon.

Anna Lena says:

my mom would usually fry the kimchi in sesame oil ….in addition to the pork belly fat. So cool that you used jasmine rice. much better than Korean or Japanese sticky rice when doing fried rice.

jorge godines says:

what a wonderful woman. I would spend my paycheck on that kemchi plate.

check out jj project says:

i am so hungry rn

Christie Nguyen says:

This looks awesome!! I will definitely try to make this for my korean bf at home!

Leslie Abston says:


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