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haiironotenshi603 says:

Hi! Want to try this out. Thank you for sharing. Just want to ask what I can substitute for plum extract if I cannot find it. Is it similar to plum sauce or the Chinese variety? Also would it work for something like pork or chicken? Thanks again

MsDare17 says:

I prefer to see you & Jacob face. Haha..

Noha El Hosseiny says:

I can already hear your lovely voice and cheers in every step :DDDD!

Kathy Soto says:

Can someone please tell me the name of the leaves she’s eating her rice with at the end of the video?

mrsgrahamcracker01 says:

It super weird without seeing and hearing you #sadface

Amy says:

Is mirin halal? Or any alternate for mirin? Because if it’s not halal i can’t add this

P NG says:

Love your cooking videos! Now that I’m in Japan, I have access to all the ingredients I need to kick ass in the kitchen and make all the stuff you do! Thanks! Time to go find some shabu shabu meat and make some bulgogi!

Meghan Ryan says:

I made this for dinner last night, and it was the most delicious thing I’ve eaten in awhile. I loved the onions caramelizing on the bottom.

Edgar Arias says:

Seonkyoung, I really want to see your face in the videos, you’re so beautiful! I know, you want the food to be the star of the video, but your pretty face will enhance it. Pretty please!

Annisa Ahmad says:

Can I substitute green plum extract with something else?

mia hintz says:

I was just thinking that i love the new videos, but i miss your voice and presence in them. I’m glad that you will be doing both:)

Jer Sam says:

No ginger?

Amy says:

How the beef is cooked so early

Ada says:

Please have your dogs in your video more often!!!

Danny Fenty says:

I love this style of video, the sounds of the dishes, food being chopped and tossed and the noise of the distant car traffic? Please do more videos like this!!!!!

Taylor Lawrence says:

Love your videos! Missed your voice! You always make it looks so EASY

Chocolate Fudge says:

The meat she uses is extra thin ribeye

Elsie Strauss says:


Jayne Wenlock says:

Amazing video. Miss hearing your joyful voice but I can still see your exuberant cooking style here. Also great chillhop music selection. Thanks!#firstvideocommentever

peter wong says:

Wash the meat!!

10inchesofChefKnife says:

ASMR. What nonsense.

Lizbeth Terriquez says:

Is there a substitute for Plum extract and Marin, I went to an Asian store and they didn’t know what I was talking about, so I showed them your video lol and they still couldn’t help me

spriggsra says:

Where did you get that knife from?

경희김 says:


Tanya Creedon says:

What can I use to replace the plum extract? I don’t have any?

Moondog Skadoosh says:

I know it’s a long shot for asking, but do you a dish called hoikoro?
I’ve seen the Ajinomoto ads when they eat with raw egg… what are your thoughts?

teaparty says:

New toppogi recipe please

Minhee me says:

I love this kind of asmr cooking video, I watched it before going to bed and I feel so calm rn

wowowcrystal says:

I am loving this new ASMR content!!!!

betty perez says:

Love ,love your videos

HI LEE says:

Oh ~ Bulgogi

Erick Alvarado says:

So I’ll be trying to cook this tomorrow I want to know for how long should i cook the meet?

Victoria S Books says:

How many cameras do you have set up just for this video

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