Asian Zing Wings

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Asian Zing Wings Ingredients

For the Chicken
12 single wings (approximately 1 1/4 lb. / 567g)
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1 Tbs. backing powder

For the Sauce
1Tbs. sesame oil
2 to 3 cloves garlic, smashed
3 thinly sliced ginger root
1 tsp. Thai chili flakes
1 tsp. soy sauce
1 Tbs. rice vinegar
1 Tbs. mirin
1 Tbs. Sriracha
2 Tbs. honey

For the Garnish
1 green onion
sesame seeds


kimboslice339 says:

I made these for dinner tonight and I loved it! I didn’t have chicken wings available so I used chicken tenders. I’m excited to try with wings next time!!

ManSittinNext2DaMan says:

Heading to my local International Foods store right now!

Fun2 Think says:

just made these today. they are amazing!

1yanga says:

Made this many times. Never once disappointed.

oy a says:

I am sorry, but where do you shop for your clothes? Like seriously, EVERY video, you be lookin’ on fleek!

Danillo Campos says:

Delicious! Kisses from Brazil!

Yolanda Gossett says:

Hey lovely lady I want to cook for my super bowl party so a lot of wings so how much sauce should I make

Dara 206 says:

This is a delicious recipes, but when I bake the wing on the cooking paper, it’s sticky on the wax paper like crazzy, it pill all the skins think I can dip fry them.

Sneha Halder says:

Hi Mam, I really likes to try this.. As I am a single working girl.. This recipe is awesome.. But please could you please tell me any alternative of oven.. Because I don’t have any oven only induction

Glowfish88 says:

I’m definitely watching this while eating a pancake and wishing my pancake *poofed* into a plate of wings. Trying it this weekend for SuperBowl

Ginggondepona Tolits24 says:


Misha Brie says:

I didn’t have the mirin, soy sauce, and Thai chili pepper but this still came out amazingggg. Instead I put some salt and used cayanne pepper with red pepper flakes and added a touch more honey, it was great. Paired it with steamed broccoli and some rice.

Anhello Quesada says:

q ricooooo

Troll Killa says:

You are beautiful, funny, cute, and such a GREAT cook!!!!!!!! So happy that I discovered your channel, now I can start making Asian food at home! THANK YOU!

Crazy Pizza says:

I think your a good chef you should make your own Korean restaurant

KBZZie(Tiredof4c) says:

any substitute for mirin?

Aqua Cinta says:

I absolutely love how she says her name and Made deliciously at “HOME” 🙂
Seonkyoung Longest is by far the best chef I know!

Luci Y says:

pretty cutie you are and have amazing recipes

Diana Dnadmin says:

I just made these and they were amazing. Spicy, sticky sweet goodness. Thank you!

Mauriceia Joseph says:

live in Trinidad and Tobago and cant find Mirin . is there anything I can use instead?

WreckitRalphed says:

she so damn sexy…


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Steven Cung says:

Awesome recipe

KathehFit says:

Trying this this week!!!

brad lang says:


sakura li says:

If I don’t like ginger and garlic can I not put it ?

Valerie Puaha says:

omg the baking powder trick really does work! Thank you!

Amira says:

What can you substitute for mirin? Something non-alcoholic perhaps

Robert L. Myers I Esq. says:

What kind of Beer are you drinking

Keil Carpenter says:

Hi Seon, is it dark soy sauce or a mix of light and dark that you use in this?

123POLING.COM Step-by-Step Online Pole Fitness Tutorials says:

I’ve cooked so many of your dishes! you’re amazing <3 <3 <3

Sachin Naik says:

Hii baby nice of you& food resipe I like it

Matt L says:

Awesome, they actually had a crispy skin. The only ingredient I couldn’t find was the Thai chili powder, so I used red pepper flakes. They actually weren’t too spicy, and maybe a little on the sweet side for my taste. But, that could be because I didn’t use the Thai chili powder haha. Still, it’s an amazing way to whip up some wings at home, without having to deep fry.

TheKiamm says:

I made this yesterday and the recipe is the bomb. The recipe is perfect!!! Great job. I love your channel.

Eros626goTf says:

Omg….! It’s 12:54am and I’m watching this!!!!!!! Looks sooo delicious. Fantastic presentation A+

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