Asian Pulled Pork Bun Recipe #Ad

We’ve teamed up with the guys at to bring you an incredible pulled pork recipe… one that was shaped by all your suggestions!

It’s got the sweetness of apple, the heat of chilli and the fragrance of ginger, Chinese 5-spice and garlic. Served in a crusty roll with a fresh zesty slaw and shards of crackling… you’ll be hoping there’s some leftover for tomorrow too!

Why not give it a go and #AchieveLazy this weekend?
Get this full recipe at:

Get loads more inspiration at How about:
A pulled pork chilli-con-carne:
A pulled pork family feast:

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Denis Carbonaro says:

a boy band of ugly fake chefs?

ughwenxinw W says:


Spencer Scherer says:

can i do this in my slow cooker?

Muhammad Hafizhan says:

Can you guys make white chocolate brownies?

Momo Wang says:

hey guys !! there’s food slicers out there that works great with julienning !!!
i use this one and i love it !

Agostina Leita says:

That little nod that Ben does every time he says “Sorted!” is my always my favorite bit.

shazia muhammad sadiq says:

Don’t eat pork it’s unhealthy it give so many health problems diseases

Maria O says:

That ‘slaw is to die for!

Nadia Zaman says:

I miss the old kitchen

Daniel Quintana says:

I’d love to see you guys do some Philippine cuisine. Only been following you guys for months now and I’m loving every episode I watch. Would love to see that, mates. Keep the awesome stuff guys. 🙂

Angel Tan says:

watch this w auto generated subtitles

Otter Fuzz says:

I think it’d be interesting to put Asian style pulled pork into a steamed/fried dumpling

Oliver Addley says:

I love pulled pork! So amazing ^.^

Christopher Johnson says:

I would absolutely hollow out the bun.

lara wilson says:

i love your vids and btw you are rocking them BUNS HAHAHA

Arejay fortyseven says:

So why do you call it “pulled”? Another Americanism. IT’S CALLED SHREDDED!!!!!!

Louisa B. says:

I always give my pork a dry rub with paprika, salt pepper, allspice, coriander and garlic and leave it over night in the fridge.

Alex Farrell says:

Officially ready for summer and barbecues.

However the back of Ben’s head needs some help. Cringe.

Kevin Brendan says:

does anyone else say sorted with them? lol

Kori Skene says:

wow. looks incredible.

IamHueGraves says:

I really love that they don’t pretend to… arrive… when they eat good food. I always feel like people are lying when they do that.

Seykurami says:

Oh man those cracklins oAo <3

DJ StaRyu says:

saucepen? flabors? :^)

Jade Nevin says:

can the sesame oil be replaced by a different oil?

Ahmed Sherif says:

can I use beef instead of pork

lara wilson says:

can you guys make a cake in 1 minute

RadleyBO0 says:

That lookws great! I will say, as an American, I would appreciate it if you would also say the degrees in Fahrenheit as well. Not that it takes that long to pop it over into google, but it would save me a step!

lara wilson says:

Ben looks so nice i want to meet him

Natalie Westgate says:

Oh wow that looks delicious! The crackling looks awesome!

Justine Richardson says:

I’m crying. I’m so hungry. Lord help me

Ali Hassain says:

How about Pizza Cake!

Ess Wy says:

Haha sometimes it sounds like you guys are saying “salted”!

DaniCaetCat DCC says:

We had cooked a pork shoulder in our new smoker the other day. It was amazing.

darlinmickey says:

Use the kitchen aid mixer to “shred” the meat faster. more uniform than with forks and you don’t need to wait for it too cool off.

I'm A Lettuce I'm CLEARLY A Lettuce says:

I hate pulled pork…..

Subhav Arora says:


stjaniblai3 says:

Is it 4 hours for each kilo or do I keep it in the oven for 4 hours if I have a 3 kilo pork shoulder?

Joe Power says:

didn’t butter the bun O.O

mzcrazyhunnii says:

Looks great guys ☺️ I would of suggested a brioche bun ☺️

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