Asian Pan Fried Tofu recipe | with Miso Ginger sauce

A spin on my Grandma’s pan fried tofu recipe. I use Miso and Ginger to make a yummy sauce to pan fry with soft tofu. Simple and easy to cook.


Эдуард Исаков says:

Hi Angel, can you tell me how is this recipe called in Taiwanese?

Rolanda Soza Varela says:

Are you using firm tofu or soft?

Donna Ferro says:

Can I use maple/coconut syrup instead of honey?

imthe victorr says:

I love that pan. Do you have any/use any cast iron pans?

m.s. mary says:

I really appreciate this video for the technique. I am recently vegan and enjoying tofu at home and this is far and away the best video as far as actually how to fry the tofu. You are adorable and your kitchen and all of your things are amazing. Thanks for the excellent quality video!

Marie Alley says:

Hi Angel!!! I just had a tonsillectomy and lost some weight and decided to start over again with my eating and only eat Asian dishes as best after eating that!!! This is the first thing I am trying and I’m so excited as it came out wonderful!!! Thank you for explaining so well and I also wonder what the difference is with white miso and red miso?

_ _ says:

Thats a good knife .

Sylvie BK says:

Great video! I’ll try this recipe, looks sooo delicious. Where are you from?

Linh Y Thai says:

I made it and it tastes supper good. Thank you! I’m glad that found your video and btw I love your channel.

Dan Ramos says:

Made this for dinner and now is a staple in my house. Thank you so much. Best ever!!!

Katherine Wee says:

Can you please tell me where you got your non stick pan that you use?

Rosely Akasaka says:

love your recipes….by the way, can I try eggplant instead of tofu???

Gimio Chin says:

Thank’s for the great vid and recipes for someone who don’t cook much HA 🙂

Debbi Nakamura says:

I am vegan, what should I replace the honey with? maple sugar?

WeebHut Jr says:

This looks amazing. I’m gonna try it this week. I need it in my life.

татьяна казначеева says:

Thank you! Tried it twice already! I like the ingredients separately and combined. One thing:the sauce burns really fast. I may have done something wrong the first time. But the second time it was almost the same. Saved some slices though )) And they were delicious!

Riley Lauder says:

Heaven, and with fresh chili.

Analie Dapitanon Dapitanon Analie says:

hi angel i love ur food u do. .

danceonflour says:

You have a lovely voice!

Rachel Graeff says:

Thanks for the recipe. Quick question, is there a reason you don’t compress the tofu to remove some of the moisture before frying?

tamsinthai says:

Very nice but way too much sodium. People with high blood pressure use Miso as a substitute, not an adjunct.


Question: You did not blot the water from the tofu. Why was this? Every receipt I’ve done says to remove the water before frying.

BabyHatMeo says:

love your videos… nice voice… maybe you don’t need the music..its distracting.

daikaiju20 says:

Fantastic thank you Angel!

N C Price says:

Hello Angel – nice video! I really never knew what to do with soft tofu except make smoothies. Now I have a new recipe to enjoy. Thanks!

Marc-Andre Perras says:

Nice recipe thx! I added a little bit of garlic to the sauce too, delicious and simple!

N C Price says:

I finally tried this (last week) and it came out great. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

craig aroni says:

Looks delicious, I will give this a try.

Trinii1 says:

Absolutely delicious. Prepared twice since discovering this recipe !!!

tamsinthai says:

All this could have been condensed into 2 minutes max. Again I must fast forward these I wanna be a bloody star cooking vids. Too much unnecessary dumb explanations. This cooking for morons?

Keri Xianne says:

I find that olive oil is too strong for a dipping sauce , I prefer to use canola oil instead.

イクト 愛乞う アレヴァロ says:

I’m liking your  recipes, I just subscribed to your channel < =w=>/)

Ed Good says:

Just subscribed today and I’m totally psyched to try out your tofu recipes soon! Keep it up! 🙂

SFmusic says:

I have made this a couple of times now, and I really LOVE THIS.  So easy and relatively quick to make. I have been lurking for a while but today I decided to subscribe! I am looking forward to many more great recipes.

mtailor2 says:

Great recipes! ! New to your channel. Where did you get the oil bottles from?

Angel Wong's Kitchen says:

@Katherine Wee  My non-stick pan is actually a DeBuyer.  It’s carbon steel that you season, to build up an all natural non-stick surface cooking over time.

Wenkai Zhang says:

You look like Chi Lin Ling 😉

Nieta Chie says:

Hi Angel.. Ive been tried ur recipe and its yum!
Anw, can u help me with how to cook with hard tofu?,bcause i ever cooked and using hard tofu but it is taste not good.
Thanks in advance..

A A says:

can i bake instead?

Troy D says:

I tried this today. Very Tasty. I tried a little bit of garlic in addition to the ginger, but next time it will just be the ginger. I think there’s enough oil with the tofu that you probably don’t need to add additional with the green onions. Other than that… Delicious!

eolilai says:

hi angel, where did you get those oil bottles? they look neat!

Suteera Pongtepupathum says:

I tried your recipe and it was awesomeeeee!!!

Phenny Southivilay says:

Hey, Angel,

I just subscribed and can’t wait to try this recipe! However, I do have a random question.. where did you buy your oil dispensers?

tbd says:

Why do the green onions need to go in the fridge?

Geraldine de Pedro says:

I like tofu, but here in Brasil is too expansive. Can you teach how to make tofu made with vinager? Tahks

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