Ingredients: serves 6

500g Rice noodles
100g snow peas
2 red chillies
1 cup snow pea sprouts
4 spring onions
750g cooked prawns, cooked, peeled, tail intact & deveined
1 cup coriander
1/3 cup sweet chilli sauce
2 limes , juiced


~ Nicko

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Nicko's Kitchen says:

@babygyalk thanks for watching 🙂 u 2!

alexandrayou says:

@AJ12Gamer you are Right!

Stephanie says:

@robjnixon chicken with ham:p risotto is good but my area the risotto is like 20bucks a bag :/

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@idlerocker1337 hope you like it 🙂

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@fleetingray lol…….ok

WerdnaFaz says:

@robjnixon mate it had to be done to many straight cats on here gotta bend it up abit 😛

chanett nguyen says:

the asian cuisine really offers great “fastfood” dishes, because this kitchen rests on fresh and just lightly cooked ingredients.

xiaocurrypuff says:

I like your vids. But to tell u the truth, i prefer the old format

AJ12Gamer says:

Is Australia in Asia? Does that make Australians are also Asians?

KK says:

@AJ12Gamer Wow, you are really stupid. No, Australians are not Asians, Australia is just close to Indonesia and Asia……………. IDIOT

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@RunD3v1lRun peanuts would be nice

Luke Spencer says:

Nicko for what you want Wednesday could you make apple crumble!!!!!

Anne-Catherine Mulhern says:

yummy!!!!! ^^

Sissilein89 says:

this is just the stuff i always love to eat, espacially when the weather is nice. awesome and SO refreshing!

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@doctorfishopolisss yayyyyyyyyyyy for 1st!

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@sandyny huh? i cooked chicken on monday, risotto with asaparagus on wednesday and today was the only time I cooked seafood…..pork was a month ago lol

Simonne Margaret says:

Lmao ” it looks sexy on a white plate” but omg that looked so yummy!! 🙂

Comboshot says:

omg that looks so GOOOOOD
im asian and i already know how its gonna taaste 😀

alexandrayou says:

so cute`1 CILANTRO

pedro sanchez says:

@BostonSecret45 you wana eat my shit, you faggot?

sjtomsx says:

that looks so nice 😛

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@Nordissal thanks for watching 🙂

BostonSecret45 says:


Nicko's Kitchen says:

@Snipq81 awesome, hoped you liked it

Steven Hoong says:

lol asian section……
jokes…. jokes….

SexBird says:

that’s…really…asian.I mean i m asian but i will pass this.

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@Gannondalf hope you like it

BostonSecret45 says:

@peter16742 its not nice disrespecting him when you dont kno him.. he is a nice guy. and keep your shit to your self.

BostonSecret45 says:

@peter16742 watch your language.

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@katiebaby1 thanks katie!

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@katjzmin you can, but the thicker the better 🙂

O663tt3 says:

Nice easy to follow recipe. Thanks.

supercooled says:

What kind of sweet chili sauce? I have a jar of some Pomento in my pantry that tastes a little spicy, salty.. not really sweet.

I did this recipe tonight minus some ingredients like cilantro and other stuff.

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@FloralPolish thanks for watching 🙂

katjzmin says:

@robjnixon tnx Nicko.. have a nice weekend & c u on monday.

Nicko's Kitchen says:

@minjincorp thanks for watching 🙂

Kanphot Iglesias says:

r u a cook or an amazing house chef?

bodykiss says:

Yummy! Def trying this, thanks!

emveeme says:

i LOVE asian food!!! thanks for this =]

dAconfuseDkiD says:

hey nicko y dnt u try the indian dishes u’ll lyk them too for sure

pedro sanchez says:

he’s fat

chanett nguyen says:


chanett nguyen says:

looks so YUMMY OMG! cant wait to try this out!!! …haha sexy indeed!

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