Asian Keto Noodles Recipe | Crispy Chicken Soba Bowl

Asian Keto Noodles Recipe | Crispy Chicken Soba Bowl

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Asian Keto Noodles Recipe | Crispy Chicken Soba Bowl
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stewie poohie says:

Love this. Could also add minced garlic to the noodle marinade, and then they would cook a bit in the pan at the end. You guys have the best recipes!

shamsazzie says:

Do miracle noodles have tapioca starch?

mellowaysverticalsleeve says:

I made this tonight! The only thing I was missing was sesame oil. Thanks for always putting out amazing recipes.

Bonnie Browne says:

Love the t-shirt!

Dan Pickens says:

Season that chicken!

Lady Libra says:

I NEED that shirt Matt !!!

Kimberley D. says:

This looks amazing!

Ana Nana says:

Marinating my noodles now. Will let it sit over night and make it tomorrow

al soto says:

Came out great!!!!

Alyssa Gobelle says:

Should be noted that ‘seasoned’ rice wine vinegar should be avoided. if it says ‘seasoned’ stay away! Get the regular stuff without that tag line. ‘Seasoned’ means sweetened with sugar. Matt is using the right stuff, just a warning when looking for the stuff at the store. 🙂

Soulman1282 says:

That is NOT real Sriracha. If it doesn’t have a green tip and a Rooster on the bottle, you’re eating some imposter shit.

Samir Changela says:

Nice one Matt… now gimme the soy egg recipe… please!!!!?

Krissia Elias says:

Wow it looks very delicious
I love the T-shirt
Where can I buy the noodles that you used for this recipe?

windycitydreaming says:

Looks good, but I’m going to need more than just salt on that chicken.

YouTubeMadeMeBuyIt says:

Love using miracle noodles when I’m feeling like having a noodle dish, this looks amazing! Definitely trying this!

SioLazer says:

Love this video! I’ve been toying with seasoning miracle noodles and rice and hadn’t thought about this. Brilliant! Big fan of the Food Wishes method for medium or soft boiled eggs. I like the channel Cooking with Dog for my Asian flavor inspiration.

LolaGeek says:

This looks awesome! I recently tried shiratake noodles for the first time and made ramen (video will be up in a couple weeks) – will have to try marinating them next time!

dini g dini g says:


Fit Couple Cooks says:


Kris Hughes says:

That looks delish! I have tried the Miracle Noodles as spaghetti and didn’t care for the texture … maybe this cooking method would help.

I bet some peanut butter added would be delicious … like a faux Thai peanut flavor!

Thanks! 😀

patricia murray says:

Like the T Shirt where did you get it ?
Food looks yummy will definitely try this TY!

Kat Tijerina says:

Have you all tried making Asian dishes with Kelp noodles?  They are a total game changer for me, and if cooked properly have nearly the same consistency as a traditional noodle.

Bernadette Gutierrez says:

I was them with calamansi water..

Will Baxley says:

In the beginning he says, “These are Miracle noodles but there are also shirataki noodles you can use.” But just so you all know, FYI those ARE shirataki noodles that he’s cooking up.
I do like the whole method of marinating the “noodles” because shirataki products are known for having an unappealing and earthy smell/taste.
I’m going to have to try this since I have been craving a big bowl of some type of Asian noodle dish, and I’ve almost caved in to the temptation! lol.

amazinglazedonut says:

Wow, Matt, in case no one has noticed or mentioned, just wanted to comment that your face is looking leaner and more angular/chiseled, and your biceps more defined. Just some observations from the first 12 seconds of the video.

wanketta says:

Very nicely done!

Catherine says:

I’m not a huge asian food person, but I’m really excited to try this! (Once I finish my Keto Connect Broccoli Cheddar Soup.) Great video, love being able to watch you make it then check out the recipe on your blog!

MiggiePiggie99 says:

Miracle Noodles go right through me. I freak the fuck out the next day when I see them in the toilet because it makes me think I have worms… until I remember I ate Miracle Noodles the previous night.

Kunal Kshirsagar says:

That shirt is soooo cool!

Shirl B says:

What do you think about Diedre’s yeast bread recipe, it very close to real bread that I have found

Cecilia De Francesco says:

you guys just made my day….totally making these tonightttttt!!!!

Kristi Nichols says:

Just made this with shrimp, snow pea pods and a fried egg using the marinated noodles with a little ginger and this is the first time I have ever been able to get the noodles down without getting turned off after a few bites. GAME CHANGER!!!!! Thanks soooo much for all you guys do for the keto community!

Ricky Wilkins says:

Perfect soft boiled eggs every time Matt! Take eggs out of the fridge into the pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil on high heat. Once it starts to boil put it to simmer for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Then ice wash after. Barely runny at all afterwards. Enjoy!

Freakyller says:

Why does Matt look like he smokes a blunt before every video. What a beast haha

lmr181 says:


EJRhees says:

That looks FANTASTIC!

Alex Quail says:

I’m a massive noodle/ramen head. Guys, this is a game changer!

Sheila Mustain says:

That looks AMAZING!

Megan K says:

I am making this tonight!! Can’t wait.

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