Asian Inpired Fried Pork Ribs Recipe!

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A killer recipe for FRIED ribs, by Chef Roy Choi, out of L.A.


bowhunter2439 says:

Ive been inspired Greg , they looked fantastic…!!!

Ajay Sharma says:

Why did you say that you were worried  about your son and the spice of the barbecue sauce? Wouldn’t you also be worried about the amount of fat in the ribs?

nursevsfood says:

The Rib master great job man THUMBS UP

michael landry says:

that looks so good Greg! I really appreciate that you voiced your concern as a father about the heat level of the sauce for your son, I have a daughter and worry about that too! so thank you.

Vincent Da kid says:

Another great video!

Breako drew says:

Awesome vid man!

heat4yoass says:

Man, I love Korean Ribs.  You should cook up some of them beef short ribs called Galbi or Kalbi?  

BerciK says:

I’m not a big fan of ribs, but oh man! These are looking good!!!

Randall Smith says:

that’s an awesome recipe, I need to put this on my to try list

Bootleg Bart Simpson says:

Another great hit!

Walt G says:

Man Greg! These look definitely over the top! Thanks for the vid!! W

Christopher Brown says:

u should try doing this with beef babyback ribs

Cris Workizer says:

 Once again awesome Job on the Asian Fried Pork Ribs,Greg.I have two questions.pork fat or lard like the Farmer John type of lard at the grocery store or something from a butcher ? and where did you git that BFW ? I thought my wok was big,but you beat me to get a bigger  one as I now bbq for the G.F. and her family..Thank you,Cris

malone dik says:

can you send me a hat,?

Slippery Chicken BBQ says:

Those ribs looked incredible that is a sauce I need to try and I am glad you use technical terms I can understand 🙂 

chromanin says:

man I need to get me a BFW

john briggs says:

Got the ribs on the simmer right now….  Thanks for the inspiration!

russky salamander says:

they look awful good

MrLordrex1 says:


RB. Guide Service says:

A pleasure to watch, as always 🙂

Chris Coldiron says:

Nice one Greg

BBQ 4 Beginners UK says:

Delicious! What happens to that pork fat? Can you re-use it?

TheWolfePit says:

Very nice ribbage Greg!  You said diddlybop again!!  LOL  That cracks me up every time I hear it!

SultanOfShinola says:

Dang Greg, my mouth was watering by the end of that! Gonna have to try those out some time!

otis ellis says:



Nice technique cooking those ribs and that glaze had some great flavors going on. I bet those ribs were fantastic! Thumbs Up Greg!!!

Karen Romero says:

Greg, thank you so much for all your videos! Big help to a beginner like me! Instructions are not complicated at all!

Michael Ritchie says:

nice call on the lard

Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine says:

Great recipe Greg!  I loved the crunch on those ribs, and the sauce sounds excellent.  Kinda reminds me of a recipe that I thought about doing, but they are Cajun style deep fried ribs, but done in a batter similar to the way you would fry southern fried chicken, but with a Cajun twist!  This looks amazing, and would love to try these one day. 

GrillingNetwork™ says:

Deep Fried Ribs are definitely on the list!! Great job and thumbs up!!

Daniel Foltz says:

how could I become a great chef

jennifer norman says:

Loved the video!
Great job!!!!

Food Porn Network says:

Nice recipe and technique, looked good Greg!

Roger Eden says:

got to try this

dave yu says:

Great video Greg….just had dinner and I’m hungry again after seeing this.

GrillingAndSmoking says:

Looked amazing Greg. Great video, great cook.

kr flyguy says:

How can pork fried in pork fat be beat? I might have to wrap one in bacon!!!
Outstanding job as always. U DA MAN

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