Have you over-indulged recently and want to counter-balance without missing out on maximum flavour? This light meal has no guilt trip attached.

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Mikeybikey88 says:

Love you guys =)

gizzel11368 says:

I can’t deny it any longer…Ben you are so hot x]

SORTEDfood says:

@carlyluvscheering definitely… if anything… even better! i love snap peas…. I eat them raw as a snack! 😀

Khaitoon Katy Kendall says:


Thjeu Muoi says:

@ponyopurin I wish I were you
I am always forced to cook
long in the kitchen, washing dishes, cleaning up is a torture to me
My mother said she was glad my hands off the kitchen – it’s cruel
hix hix
I need to marry a chef :))

Nelson C says:

You chopped the tip of your finger off? wow that must of hurt 🙁

Kim Nguyen says:

I just made this today and it was DELICIOUS!!!! i just love all your recipes! Keep up the good work! :]

mandymckk says:

Ben looks like a skinny baby haha awwww

candy1apples says:

More Asian dishes please!!!

TF2Voiceovers says:

must have*

Jennifer Nguyen says:

How many ounces are in the salmon filet that you used in this recipe?

SORTEDfood says:

@lovedwallflower amazing! Let us know how it goes! Maybe a photo on our facebook page?

Carly Johansen says:

Could you trade the green beans for snap peas?

jl8291988 says:

@sugarholic100 probably isnt soy sauce…

kamg626 says:

Hi, I made the fish part of this tonight (my first sorted recipe thing ever!) and it did not really taste that different from salmon with just salt and pepper. Do you have any suggestions that could make the ginger more prominent in the dish? Thanks!

moskitomagnet says:

After watching a few episodes, I have concluded that Ben has fingers of steel when it comes to heat. 
Knives, however, not so much.

pankinyek says:

@wutwut123123 can buy it scored, so…

Gaia Ang says:

Wtf ben used to be rly skinny aye?

farah diana says:

u look~ thin~ still handsome 😀

Rehab Khan says:

You were so skinny :O ! Wow

Adelaide Kingston says:

Well, he has to eat more food now. I think he’s still look really lovely, though. 😀 He’s still Sorted’s Ben and he’s getting more awesome.

roger gadayos says:

i think you cut your finger is that hurt?

Darlene K. says:

Ben gives zero fucks about extreme temperatures.

Speilbilde says:

I made this today and it was really good!

Nad Kudo says:

goodness… Ben looks SO skinny :T

Deborah Im says:

@tazzy otac I KNOW RIGHT? so confused o_o

Terra Rainchild says:

ive heard chefs call it silicone fingers… eventually u either burn them so much ur fingers nerves are like, dead or covered by callus/scars, or u just get a knowledge of if the hot thing ur touching is actually hot enough to burn you and dont freak out even if it hurts

Nur La grande says:

Omg Ben is soooo skinny in this vid…..

Thjeu Muoi says:

@ponyopurin I’m not married, I was 18 years old
but my boyfriend made ​​me very nervous
he does not know cooking, worse, do not know fixing things, he feared crucifixion, fearful mother haha
I think what the girls of the 21st century should bring home a chef

allstonbostonusa says:

U look bigger in 2013 videos

Sylvia Tong says:

Ben, you look so skinny in 2010 compared to now….

SORTEDfood says:

@kamg626 how about grating it? And the longer you leave it in the oil before cooking the stronger it’ll be.

Thjeu Muoi says:

just good food from 3 -> 5 ingredients, it is difficult to prepare more material, and I do not dare try to replace some of the ingredients
My refrigerator is quite lacking, but almost only the basics: eggs, meats of all kinds, some vegetables, spices not exceeding 5, and they are withered fruit, chicken, pasta, sauces, many leftovers haha
and I think you should wear gloves when mixing

ChickenWorks says:

Uh…grow back? How much did you lop off?

simplicity244 says:

Chef, I ask for your hand in marriage ..

Terminal2k1 says:

After I made this meal for my girl, damn the night was just 100 % pure pleasure for me

shizzzy98 says:

You have a restorant?

kooshkack says:

@sortedfood or you could put lemon juice- and bake it

SORTEDfood says:

It was a long time back… but was quite serious back then. Took a few months to grow back.

MissErinKim says:

Oh my god this is so old!! Ben still looks good!

Adelaide Kingston says:

“Grow back”? Holy sizzle. That sounds way so much serious than I thought.

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