Asian Fusion Steak Recipe

Steak fusion- great culinary idea for home cooking…quick and delicious!!!!


Laura Castillo says:


Thomas Sanchez says:

Why not canola oil for steaks

John Adams says:

That looks fantastic.

Rian C. Robertson says:

You make great videos and have great recipes!.. Thanks I’m going to try this out tomorrow…

shelly bean says:

I love your videos! That looks good.

Dillon Miller says:

Chef Tom. I still maintain you deserve essay more views then you get. Your videos are the bomb.

Calvin K says:

Cant believe this guy uses metal on his non stick pan…

blognewb says:

Tom Lin is a DILF

ycz04x02 says:

it looks rare to me, I wouldn’t pass on it though 😀

Christine says:

Wow!!! Perfect!!

Carson Kobasa says:

Delicious looking recipe mr. Lin!

baby lin says:

is this gonna be too salty?

Sean M says:

the moment i thought he’s done adding ingredients, there goes another one

mary gavitt says:

very nice!

Carlos Diaz says:

I just licked my screen!!!

RadioKies says:

Another inspirational video. I’m not a great fan of steak, so next time I’ll make it like this.
Can you show how to make King do kai? Soft coated chicken with onion, bellpepper and sweet pineapple sauce.

domdomdidity says:


Amin Gheewalla says:

Extra virgin olive oil for searing steak…? lol

DenkaSaeba3 says:

Just made it, with a little variant (added red wine instead of stock).

It was one of the best steak i’ve ever head.

Greetings from Italy.

Chewy.V CTR.N.M575 says:

tried this n very great my grandma loves it.


just ran across your channel. i love chef tom. great job

cynthia miller says:


rbcgrss says:

I’m gonna make this for my boyfriend and make him the happiest man alive, muhahaha!

Zedward says:

that steak is pure art

MommyLovesBigBoys says:

Is your steak directly from the refrigerator? That looks amazing! Wow you can cook! Thank you!

Simply Lovey says:

You need your own cookbook! Love your recipes 🙂

BG says:

what a shame that your camera doesn’t have nose on it so we can smell it too ☺☺☺

Alvin Kwok says:

its not cooked fully yet u could have food poisoning

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