Asian Fried Tempura Shrimp-How To Cook Asian Fried Shrimp-Prawns-Recipes

Asian Fried Tempura Shrimp Recipe available@ How To Cook Tempura Fried Shrimp.


Jude Abijah says:

It’s 12AM but this still made me hungry

Angel Riby45 says:

this is my favorite thanks for a sharing,I never cook before

princeviny17 says:

DAM you surly know what your doing ^_^ u can cook real good 🙂

carminesilverado says:

thank you for your video and you speak good English

sanjya dhakal says:

How to make Tempura  てもうらヂッピン サアス?  Plz explain ……

ddrugea says:

It looks like a million dollar dish! Thank you far sharing!

Sheeda Ozil says:

I thought jakie chan cooking..haha.

ee†han 121 says:

thats not shrimp tempura. thats flour tempur

Vicente Flores says:

Im so sorrt but i think you do it in a wrong way and too complicated.

GoldenAngel3341 says:

I plan to make this soon (hopefully) and add the tempura shrimp to my sushi. The sushi will have avocado and cream cheese as well. There will be unagi sauce and crunchy onion bits drizzled on it…♡

Nancy Mill says:

Thank you . it looks so good. Please dont delete this good video.)

KhaiiBoii says:

what sauce is that?

MrGtoriginal says:

All that greasy-goodness piggy-backed on the crevette is making me Hungry!

Bannie Gibbs says:

Awesome, thanks…try it for our dinner tonight.

sweetie9ful says:

Chopsticks you dip in the hot oil I think it made of plastic?? Use wooden ones better??

Billie Hansen says:

OMG This is good!

Darth Bacon says:

is this a commercial?

BrandEntMktg says:


Sahar Kallas says:

you are so kawaii i love your video

Claudine Fadriquela says:

thanks for the recipe it was delicious

MrGtoriginal says:

I’ve never seen a prep and frying method like this before, amazing is all I can say. Thank-you for sharing.

Mahmuda Parvin says:


Mr51Caveman says:

Thank you for sharing your technique. Well done!

vung Loc says:

We love your frying method

jeffrey paris says:

it seems like a lot of work per shrimp, as in waaaay too much
why can you not just batter the shrimp and drop them in the oil

Ishtiaque Syed says:


Dave McBroom says:

The Asian culture has some great cooking techniques.

dark.demon .queen says:

some of the tempura batter recipes i’ve come across call for seltzer water….what’s the difference between using ice water and using seltzer. Which is best for 1st timer!

thank you in advance and thank you for the video!!!

Clorox Bleach says:

how to make fried shrinp shushi

David Oh says:

ok i will try this soon thank you

Vinh Pham Quang says:


Pranali's Kitchen says:

Nice receipe

gabriel rozario says:


Evan Austin says:

That shrimp tempura looks amazing. Thanks for the video.

Rita Moktan says:

It would help if the portion of tempura and water could be mentioned.

Sheema Aamer says:

Wow, what a great technique. Keep up the good work Mai.

Jeremy Thomas says:

that was a great video

Nour Rabah says:

icee woodah

Hiprock diva says:

Will def try this thank u

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