Asian Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken?? If you tell me that you don’t like fried chicken, well then…we can’t be friends.

Try my recipe for crunchy fried chicken today!

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Bianca B. Garvin says:

you are funny! and I cant wait to try this recipe.. I never would have thought to add sugar.. but I love Asian cuisines.. always wanted to know some recipes.. you’re so fun to listen to.. I’m a southern style cook but I adopt many different cooking styles.. I’m never afraid to spice things up! both literally and figuratively. love your channel!!

Md Halim says:


Pitseolak Pfeifer says:

What kind of oil?

ohdymond says:

I hope your channel really takes off bc there isn’t enough Khmer food exposure in the world

Dej Irie says:

Hey beautiful, I found your recipe a while back, and I just decided to try it today. I paired it with some Mac and cheese mixed with broccoli florets . I am in LOVE with this chicken. Its so flavorful!! You’ve just got yourself a new subie!! Keep up the good work!!!

Keri Hon says:

you know your videos would go a lot faster and smoother if you kept your face on off the video and not point out the obvious.

Yellow Pink says:

are u gonna eat all that.can I have some?

Ron Davis says:

Rosie brought my here!!! excellent…you have a new fan now!!!

Alice Liu says:

I like this recipe thanks I’m sharing it with Sabrina yan and she’ll like it and eat it and she’ll say wow it is yummy and delicious to eat in school and she’ll tell her teacher that she likes crispy Chinese fried chicken

Robert L. Myers I Esq. says:

Your camera is out of Focus

Zestii Perfect says:

I’m eating Chinese while watching this xD yummy


I’m going to have to try that. Looks really good too.

peterstang says:

Looks good to me and tasty too.

Keily Philpotts says:

that ain’t Asian only thing different is we don’t use those dumbass chopsticks

raty rat says:

weed whackers.. lol

Melba, Jennifer Sabas says:

I thought asian fried chicken you add italian seasoning which is not asian, i think you put the integrity of asian cooking, just an opinion i think.

ShowKiings says:

I cant find italian seasoning only italian herbs are they the same thing?

Saqi S says:

im drooling

akoonjb says:

damn your hot

Richard Oladeji says:

how to make more than five I need more around 50.

Danika Trophy says:

Btw love the name of your channel ahaha

Talli Jamir says:

Rosey you got a real charismatic plus talent such a good combination,and your chicken and test great.

dretea says:

yummy, u could fried my asian chicken anytime

May Wong says:

I like the way you season your chicken wings and legs. You make a very short speed that dont bored me, very interesting and easy, look very tasty too. I will try it very soon. Thank you very much.

Muhammad Rizmadi says:

alright.. asian fried chicken use italian seasoning -__- i’m also asian.. well i think that look delicious but u should probably change the name of ur chicken recipe.. just my opinion..

suerte03211978 says:

Asia is fucking vast, woman. You also put that Italian seasoning. You’re confusing the chicken!

nopochki says:

how do you not have oil splatter

MAANZImedia says:

hummm…i ‘m hungry now ,I should not have watch…

Huynh MINH TRI says:

Good shit , babe .
Sorry for my language , I always jump to the conclusion that all foods will become shit including steak & seafood !

SilverShrimp TX says:

I am 33, single, and would marry you in no time if you made me chicken like that every day 🙂

Tim Headrick says:

Can you list the ingredients?

Anthony Lee says:

You look like you are in your late 30’s. Am I right?

SilverShrimp TX says:


RAHANA p.s says:

Can i use onion and garlic paste instead of those powders.its not available for me

Mai Le says:

I would like to say sorry on behalf of all Asian American. This is not how we speak English. This gal must have been living with blacks since she came to America. Please accept my apology.

s thompson says:

she knows her stuff.great her take on mix it up

sodapopibc2 says:

May you married me? That way we can eat chicken all day long.

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