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Serves 2

For The Sauce
1 Tbs oyster sauce
3 Tbs worcestershire sauce (recommended japanese Bulldog brand)
3 Tbs water

1 Tbs cooking oil
4 oz pork belly, cut into bit sizes (you can substitute to any protein you like to your taste)
1/2 medium size onion, sliced (approximately 2 oz)
1 small carrot, thinly sliced (approximately 1 oz)
2 large cabbage leaves, cut into bite size (approximately 3 oz)
1 green onion, cut into lengthwise then into 1-inch pieces
5 – 6 oz fresh pre-cooked Yakisoba noodles (Or prepare 2 – 3 oz dried egg noodles or angel hair pasta cooked by follow the directions of package you are using)

For The Garnish
Aonori, green seaweed powder
benishoga, shredded pickled ginger


Daniel Martinez says:

why you torture me

tyuio cvbnm says:

there’s this japanese place in manhattan near nyu called Dojo. they make a really good yakisoba! you guys should ckeck it out.

Lou Angeles says:

Her: 3 tablespoons of “Ooh Sher Sour” sauce..
CC: Three favorite foods are blue sour sauce..

LOL!!!! too cute!

I think it’s pronounced “Wuus-Ter-Sher” or just simply call it the “W” sauce 🙂

marilyn delaney says:

hi, can you please tell me the title of the song and artist at the beginning of your video?

LatashaTrueHeart says:

Wow! That looks easy enough for me to do! I loved making the Asian Zing Wings. Can’t wait to make this! Thanks, Seonkyoung!

Life With Animals says:

SO yummy!

Joe Serrano says:

Ymmm…that Yakisoba looks oh so good! Thumbs Seonkyounglongest and thankin’ ya for another COOL Share! 🙂

Kalia Lee says:

Hi there :). Can you make Kim pi tang :)….the Korean pizza sweet and sour pork

Luisa Green says:

LOL your so cute, looks yummy

aly ssa says:

She’s hilarious, I should be sleeping but she’s so entertaining I’m staying up watching her videos

Andrew Lee says:

How come you are fluent in English?

sango shk says:


brenda lee says:

how can u cook so good and still maintain your weight! I’m jealous..

FreshMikeEats says:

YES~! Can’t go wrong with yakisoba!! Do also check out my channel for foodie adventures in Tokyo & London!



Grace Park says:

Do you have a video on how you take care of your cast iron?

log Ikz says:

Eye surgery??!!

Sharmayne Koehler says:

Made this tonight…so yummy!!

미요c says:

아 이언니좋다

LiangHuBBB says:


Polaris 5 says:

What knives do you use and how do you keep them so sharp?

Vic Ng says:

‘Easy breezy…yaki*wrist twist*soba.’ funnyy

강희구 says:

맛있게 잘 봤습니다…^^



NaeBang says:

That was torture! How dare you eat such yummy food in front of us and make those faces! Lol. I can really tell it was delicious. I’m definitely making this. Thanks.

Lavender violet says:

seonkyoung…you look so pretty and fresh!! i love your makeup

flagoon says:

Thank you for another nice recipe.

Lillian Mah says:

Seonkyoung, I started subscribing and already tried a couple of your recipes! I just made the Yakisoba noodles and my husband said it’s probably the best thing so far I’ve made! LOL! I made the thai basil pork the other night -> winner!!!! Thank you! looking forward to more recipes, you make cooking asian so easy!

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