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Walmart Spicy Pork Ingredients
Serves 4

1 lb. pork shoulder or butt, cut into bite sizes
1 Tbs mirin
1 Tbs sesame oil
1 tsp sesame seeds
1 Tbs chopped garlic
2 Tbs sugar
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 Tbs cooking oil
1 Tbs soy sauce
4 to 5 Serrano, jalapeno or green onion, cut into 1/4 inch pieces


balu chaamy says:

I tried making this but couldn’t get pork shoulder and so it didnt turn brown like yours. But still it was good at the end.

Belen Flores says:

walmart should pay you…you’re advertizing their stores!

Natalie T says:

can i use rice cooking wine instead of mirin? i live in Trinidad W.I and i can’t find Mirin

Cortney Harden says:

What wok brand do you recommend?

Michelle Holmes says:

I made this today all I had to get was the pork butt. it was perfect for dinner.

neelloc says:

Hi seonkyoung! I would really like to know what the brand and style of cooking pan you use. I am planning to buy new pans. Thank you!

Delfido Craine says:

Your awesome oh my goodness . I never saw any lady eat spicy food like you ! I need to find a lady like you cause I enjoy hot spicy Asian food and Japanese beer.

Jodi Paul says:

Love this one! I’m going to try it!! One nice thing is that if you can’t find an ingredient at a local grocery store, you can also order from Amazon! 🙂

Jodi Paul says:

I went ahead and made this and it was VERY good! Thank you! I have added this to my rotation of recipes!

Mati says:

This has become a household favorite! Thank you <3

Christine Russell says:

Alright is from Walmart. Could you make another recipe from Walmart food supply? I was looking down that isle to & wanted to see what they have.

Randy Ricardo Castillo says:

Please do something like this again with Walmart ingredients!

Ms.Emii says:

I absolutely love your channel and watching you cook. Mostly I anticipate when you taste the food.

Sherrie Johnson says:

omg…what were you doing in COLUMBUS,MISSISSIPPI?!!! LOL my hometown! It really is a small town!!

K Willenborg says:

Making this over the weekend! I cannot wait to try it! (probably will use jalapeno’s instead of serranos, though)!


Wow! Love your videos! Gonna try this!
By the way what editing software do you use and do you use two cameras to shoot your videos or use one and change angles?

eon star says:

5:54 remove from heat and now you’re ready to eat. (that was such a great rhyme opportunity not used 🙁 )

K Willenborg says:

I made this tonight, with jalapenos and shredded carrots. This was by far one of the best Asian meals I have made up to now. Thank you!!!

O T says:

I love her!

Jennah Lee says:

Where do you live? You mentioned Columbus, MS and I was just curious. I’m definitely going to subscribe!


soo yummy

Jrjek Jfjfjfj says:

yummy !! thank you !!

hassan gondal says:

plzz don’t hurt my feelings,marry me

Sebastián Báez says:

Cooked it tonight, it was delicious and really spicy! greetings from Argentina!

Amy Atcher says:

I went to my Walmart and they didn’t have a bunch of this stuff

nopochki says:

swesting watching u eat that

cleopatra377 says:

wow… def trying this week!! thank you 🙂

Aviousanima says:

Is it normal for sesame oil to unduce a headach ?

Harshine Srihara says:

I love your videos

FloralHina says:

Seon-na! How did you create your own website? What program did you use? Can you recommend any websites?

Cece Frazier says:

I would love to see a Walmart version of Gamjatang. PLEASE

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