Asian at Home | Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken

I love this recipe because it is so good on top of Jasmine rice or Banh Mi(Vietnamese sandwich) and also I can make with pork, it works perfectly as well! If you are a vegetarian, no worries, you can make this with fried tofu! Superb!!!

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Lemongrass Chicken Ingredients
Serves 2

4 Chicken thighs, boneless, skin on (Approximately 1 lb.)
1/2 Stalk of lemongrass (using only bottom white part, approximately 2 1/2 Tbs.)
4 Cloves garlic
2 Thai chili
1 Shallot
2 Tbs. cooking oil

For the Sauce
2 Tbs. Fish sauce
2 Tbs. Sugar
1/4 tsp. Black pepper

To Serve with
Cilantro leaves
Warm cooked Jasmine rice
Cucumber slices


Roz Sa says:

Look at the size of that lemongrass!!! In europe, lemongrass is not even a quarter of that 🙁

Julia Lupercio says:

wow delicious

Mikes Grillin says:

Thank you so much for sharing your skills WOW i cant wait to try it

Robert Z says:

When preparing the sauce, what would the difference be if light brown sugar is used instead of regular white sugar? I figure that white sugar would be sweeter than brown sugar.

Luthfa Khan says:

love all your videos is short simple and easy too follow

septy nurhilda says:

vietnamese is probably my fav asian food beside korean japanese and ofcourse Indonesian!

Alexandra Abraham says:

Not enough thumbs up for this recipe! Amazing!!

LittleMissPhilippines Recupero says:

i made this yesterday for my husband and it was good! just a little tip for others who are planning to cook this – be easy with the fish sauce. I only used 1 tbsp but it was a little salty for my taste so I added a little honey to counteract the saltiness. also if you’re using lemongrass that has been sitting in the fridge for a little while, cook them first with the garlic before you add the onions because if you dont, your onions will be very wilted while your lemongrass is still crunchy (but if you prefer that texture its fine). all in all it was a very good recipe, ill definitely cooking this again!

23HugsNKisses says:

This is a silly question but what does lemongrass taste like?

Patricia Tan says:

Hi Seonkyoung, wat is the ‘yelllow sauce’ that you added lastly?

curiousSOUL22 says:

Yummmmmm! I’m totally going to make this soon!!

Suri Natasha says:

I am going to try this tonight

Karen Kase says:

This is so easy! I want to make it!

Donna Fassano says:

Making now. Smells heavenly. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes!

amazingdany says:

*Better to replace the tofu by legumes (especially chick peas, miam) for a veggie plate. The tofu these days is just way too GMOed.*

sactiger says:

I just love how this recipe looks!! Seems fairly easy (which is good for me!). I must try it soon!
Also – I was wondering about the artist and song title for the music at the very end? Thanx, Seonkyoung… you are the best!! 🙂

Roses-My-Darling says:

I just found your channel, and I absolutely love your videos! Everything looks so delicious!

Neel Das says:

No salt at all in the whole cooking?

skynet131 says:

Made this recipe. So easy, yet so tasty. Made it again with beef skirt steak. So good. Your recipes are so easy to follow, use readily available ingredients, and very delicious. Thanks!

Elisha Manning says:

Amazing!! Love your channel!!

Panda Princess says:

Love all of your videos new and old. Don’t ever worry about judgmental people-there is no pleasing them. It is your channel, you do whatever you want. I just realized how much I miss the background music with the children singing haha!

Adell Washington II says:

This looks scrumptious and fairly easy to prepare and cook; well in the video anyway….is the sugar necessary?

Xiao Tong says:

Will it be a big different without fish sauce?

Muhammad Nazri Abdul Rahman says:

Looks so simple. Will definitely give this a try! =)

Solina Loves Makeup says:


fisti reynolds says:

I Love your recipes!!

Naz Nahar says:

I like your style!

Teresa Wooten says:

Making this right now!!!!! It smells so good can’t wait to dig in

Leftside08 says:

I had this at a food truck down in Charleston for lunch every day for a month while I was doing a research project. It was always just called chicken thigh. And I have been looking for the recipe forever! Thank you!

veronica vinnialy says:

im going to cook this for my bf breakfast! thank you seonkyoung ❤

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