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Vegan Kimchi
Makes 2 of 32oz Jars

For Salting Cabbage
5 lb napa cabbage (approximately 1 large or 2 medium size)
3/4 cup Korean kimchi sea salt or flake sea salt
For Vegan Kimchi Paste
1 1/2 cup water
4 dried shiitake mushrooms
1 sheet of 5”x5” dried seaweed (Konbu/Dahsima)
2 Tbs sweet rice flour
4 cloves garlic
1 oz ginger root
1 to 2 fresh red chili (optional)
6 to 8 oz well ripped persimmon (approximately 2 medium size), peeled
1 Tbs salt
3/4 cup gochugaru, Korean red pepper flakes (reduce amount to 1/3 to 1/2 cup if you like mild spicy)
For Vegetables
8 to 10 oz Korean radish or daikon, peeled and thinly julienne
4 green onions, halves in lengthwise then cut into 1-inch long pieces
4 oz Korean mustard, thinly julienne carrot or garlic chive
2 Tbs sesame seeds


Giuliana M. says:

Hi! Can I also use this recipe to make vegan kkakdugi??

Jess ramirez says:

Hachiya or Fuyu Persimmon?

diem Nguyen says:

hi Seonkyoung. I’m a big fan of your cooking show. I was watching your instant kimchi in another video and i notice you used apricots jam, but I was wondering if it could replace the ripe persimmon you are using in this video? if so in what quantity?

posumy says:

man even the salted cabbage looks yummy

annegien schilling marthadinata says:

sometimes i feel confused with napa cabbage different with cabbage kimchi??

Maythorn says:

Oh wow! Thank you for this. I’ll try this version the next time I make kimchi if I can find persimmons. Not vegan, but I don’t really like very fishy foods so this looks like a good alternative. 🙂

Nurul Purwaningdiah says:

does it safe to eat kimchi while pregnant?

Hongsi says:

add sesame oil after all is also great! ahh! I love vegan food!

notforprofittho says:

This woman gives me LIFE omg

Sophy Kiss says:

What’s the name of the bunch of red powder you added.

Vegan Garõ says:

ohhh how so cute and professional of you to even do that minor ingredients to keep yar kimchi recipe “vegan” …haha Loved! #MercyForAnimals

J BaBa says:

A Korean friend of mine made some very spicy kimchi for me with 청양 고추 가루, but I can’t find this spicy chili powder anywhere! Will adding some capsaicin powder make the regular gochugaru spicier without giving it a strange flavor? I wanted to make this kimchi recipe of yours so badly, but I want it really HOT! Please, please help and thank you.

Martina Rizq says:

Seonkyoung, you look beautiful in this video. I love your top and you!

Désirée Tahiti says:

thank you Seonkyoung

Habiba Tanvin says:

Hi! How long can you keep this kimchi before they get spoiled?

Tigitobi says:

I subscribed immediately… you are so funny! 🙂

Teresa Hobby says:

I prefer my kimchee on the tart side. How long should I ferment them? Does it take the regular 3-4 days or should I wait longer?

tomtoktak says:

Instead of Napa Cabbage can i use Romaine Lettuce as substitute ? Coz seriously here in Doha Qatar, Napa Cabbage is more expensive than beef. lol

Killerchloe1217 says:

korean sea salt helped heal my septum piercing.

Vanne Senpai says:

Hi Seonkyoung. I cannot find the Korean red pepper flakes anywhere. Can I replace than with kochujan(Korean red paste)?

alma eufracio says:

Your sassiness tho!!! ❤ it!!! You are amazing!!

Юля Тен says:

Hi there)))When I do kimchi at home in about 2-3 days it starts to stink quite strong.I know that kimchi is supposed to have quite a specific aroma but what I smell is waaay too much.Is it bcz of the radish???Do I have to soak it before adding?

Lily Lee says:

외국에서 한국음식 해먹기 힘든데 좋은 레시피 올려주셔서 늘 도움이 됩니다. 감사합니다~~~ ^^

Cheddar Cheese says:

Love your videos. Can I use apple instead of persimmon? Or another fruit?

Jordan Carnaggio says:

Is it possible to substitute the persimmon with another fruit such as mango?

catyfied says:

Can I use hot pepper paste instead of the flakes?

Marisa Hueso says:

Oh, this looks so good! I’ll have to try it sometime! are there other fruits that could substitute the persimmon?

Ilona Marie Ojoy says:

sorry unnie, may i ask if i can make a base out of chicken, or veggie broth? my husband has gout and i wanted to make this vegan version however mushroom is not good for him..

Sue Y says:

can you use any pepper flakes? cause it really hard to get the Korean pepper flake.
and the oils can you use any oil or it has to sesame seeds?
thank you.

afham azman says:

tried this, taste it, it was super good. Don’t have persimmon ended up using peach, but it is still super good.

Educated Melanin says:

I actually thought about decreasing the recipe but what I got stuck on was the garlic because you used 25 cloves … nothing else goes into 25 evenly exactly and the rice porridge measurements there are just a lot of measurements you can’t easily decrease because even halfing the recipe is too much how much I eat kimchi which isn’t that regular so for everyone being rude about it I don’t even get why she didn’t have to do the video which is the same for seonkyoung I think she’s really sweet but I didn’t get why it was a big deal to do the video when I’m sure other people have requested videos that they could have just googled smh this honestly deters me from just asking any questions if it’s going to be an issue with her or her subscribers

Ashley Thompson says:

everybody vegan and don’t want fish sauce…. I’m personally allergic……. but I want to eat everything u make

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