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Pad See Ew
Serves 2


For the Sauce
1 Tbs oyster sauce
1 Tbs soy sauce (I recommend Healthy Boy Brand)
2 Tbs sweet soy sauce, AKA black soy sauce (I recommend Healthy Boy Brand)

3 Tbs cooking oil (I recommend peanut, sunflower, canola or vegetable oil)
1/2 lb beef flank steak, sliced against grain and cut into bite sizes (you can substitute chicken, pork, shrimp or tofu)
4 cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 lb Chinese broccoli (you can substitute regular broccoli or broccoli), sliced diagonal angle.
10 oz fresh rice noodles sheet, separated to single pieces then teared to large pieces or chow fun noodles (If you’re using refrigerated rice noodles, bring it to room/warm temperature so it will easily separate by hand)
1 egg
Black pepper

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Rand Daoud says:

what kinda WOK are you using?

Keilani Tshabourian says:

Loved this video and your channel! Can’t wait to try making pad see ew!

Nurhafika Soon says:

In my country we call it ‘char kueh tiaw’

God First says:

my fave …veggie style. btw you look pretty, love the sweater 🙂

Diana Bahm says:

“…and just go and work out after that” 😀 haha

Nikki Bluford says:

I would love to see a pad woon sen recipie!!! (sorry if I misspelled)

nui acain says:

I love your version. Thank you.

TheSynderLegend says:

I hate when people hit the pan when they cooking

Massador says:

Your so pretty

lookatmysheeaat says:

Where did you get that sweater? Looks like my dog 🙂

Clare Procknow says:

What brand is your wok?

Demetrius Holmes says:

this is the best Ive seen the Thai place where i go has the best i have to try and make this
They also make a eggplant stir fry with chili paste that’s to die for can you or will you make that please I have yet to find a Thai or anyone duplicate this and have taste like it all of your cooking is great

Linh Duong says:

made this for dinner and I loved it!!!

fsdghcamel says:

omg, I had no idea that pad see ew was so easy to make! my favorite thai place where I used to live used to have the BEST pad see ew with red pork. I want to know how to do their red pork…would love to see you do a video on that!

fisti reynolds says:

My favourites are your lemongrass chicken and Mongolian beef. So easy and quick…but the taste is heavenly goooood…!! Love your recipes, thank you xx

Helen Huang says:

i was wondering what can i substitute sweet soy sauce with?

Dani C says:

I’m so proud of you cooking food from my homeland!! You did well 🙂 greeting from Thailand

Nat Kat says:

crushed peanuts

Angie Ro says:

can i use coconut oil, more healthy.. so cute

Jayonna Prosise says:

I’m not trying to be mean at any point but it’s not neutered it’s noodles I’m sorry but yeah it’s not neutered it’s noodles

janne6 says:

Can you try to make pad kee mao next? Thank u thank tu

Blue delpha 7 says:

This looks amazing !! love your sweater, adorable~~

kristine ward says:

hi! I tried it today and turned out good but is it normal when the noodles stick back to each other (it happened when it cooled down, when I brought it to work). did I not use enough oil? or was it because I cooked it while the noodles are still cold? I forgot to let it warm to room temperature ;(  im gonna try to make it again next time, but pls let me know where I went wrong, thank you!

Miuna P says:

Hi, where were you able to find that brand of soy sauce? I could not find it in any local asian markets here.

The Divine Hostess says:

Can’t wait to make this with tofu!!


I made this recipes today. It was amazing. I love it!! Thank you!
I added a dash of fish sauce and some fresh Thai chili for a little bit of a spicy kick, and it was good.
Your video was very informative.

MrQuagmire26 says:

mmm, this brings back memories to bangkok. I guess I’m gonna say See ew later to the dish as some ingredients are missing in the pantry;)

Emily Foster says:

We call this kwetiau in indonesia

Audrey Maye Mabuti says:

Do you have any substitutions for oyster sauce? or if I’m able to leave it out? 🙁 I’m allergic to shellfish

MrCho604 says:

I want to eat the food and eat the cooker itself lol

Chasity Boonperm says:

i would love to know the brand of knives and pots and pans you use plz and thank you

gavo1201 says:

Loved it! But i still miss the old music… =(
You should get that music back! =)
Richie May – Problem with my dawgs

Ed C says:

seounkyoung you should go for IRON CHEF!

TheSweetpea73 says:

This is one of my favorite dish. Thank you for doing a video on it. I love watching you cook. Wish you can cook for me.:)

MrQuagmire26 says:

Looks delicious.

amandasjoyangel says:

I tried your recipe and it turned out so good!!! I can’t wait to try more of yours!! Can you also make Pad Kee Mao spicy green beans?

Diem Hoang says:

Thank you for the recipe! May I ask where did you bought your serving plate?

LinDaMoua says:

where can I get the cooking utensil you’re using?

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