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Hot and Sour Soup
Serves 4

4 – 6 dried shiitake mushrooms
1 oz dried black fungus (wood ear mushrooms)
For the Pork
2 oz lean pork, cut into thin strips
1/2 tsp shaoxing wine or water
1/2 tsp soys sauce
1/2 tsp cornstarch
1/4 tsp white pepper
For Soup
5 cups chicken stock
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup white vinegar or Chinese black vinegar
3 Tbs cornstarch
1/2 tsp white pepper
1/4 tsp sugar
1 tsp grated ginger
2 oz carrot, julienne
4 oz bamboo shoot, julienne
2 eggs, beaten
8 zo silken tofu, remove outer skin and cut into strips
Chopped green onion / cilantro
Sesame oil


Christian Renn says:

I’ve always been too intimidated to attempt this soup, though I love it. I’m going to try this recipe. Also thank you for putting the substitutions in.

Rosalyn Que says:

more power to Asian at Home .

young maz says:

산라탕 이었네여~

indicatoto101 says:

This looks delicious! You’re awesome. I always say “Asian at Home” with you.

K Louden says:

is it proper to slurp soup and noodles???

xXMkThunderXx says:

I’m so glad that you’re making videos again Seonkyoung!!!!
I will definitely make this, I loved your Wonton Soup and I can tell this must be as dreamy!!!

Azai Kyousuke says:


The kings Queen says:

I love this soup, thanks for sharing I will be making dont look this good at the restaurant I buy it from..

williamg88 says:

Just wanted to ask in the recipe it says 3 tablespoon of cornstarch, will it be too much? Because we have beaten egg as well. And in the video it shows like just 1 tbs of cornstarch

myungsoo kim says:

I gotta make this

the babymomo says:

I tried this recipe and I found it to be waaaaY too salty. I used extra light spy sauce and a few drops of dark soy sauce so I don’t know what happened.. I also replaced the chicken stock with vegetable stock and pork with chicken. Soft tofu was really good in it though

Willa Hufflepuff says:

I have been dying to find Asian recipes and this channel is amazing! Thank you!!

Dani Floyd says:

YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!! i have lived in Korea for the last 2 years and I eat this soup all the time and I have been looking for a recipe FOREVER. So glad you did a video. We just extended for 2 more years because we like it so much and every time I eat something I love (which is basically everything lol) I always jump on your channel to see if you have a recipe for it 😀

MsMissago says:

I tried with black Chinese vinegar but it didn’t taste quite right so I tried with white vinegar. The white vinegar gave it just the right taste for us ! Thank you for your great recipes !!

Tom Addison says:

I could watch you vids all day. This recipe is on my radar….Made your egg rolls tonight… Good lord your too cute

Rosalyn Que says:

i will definitely try this .

andrejka petrič says:

it’s good on film, now I’ start cooked and taste mine soup

Roxan says:

Just made this using your recipe. I’m so proud of myself. Thank you!!

The kings Queen says:

can I use chicken instead of pork?

matt13roberson says:

I love hot and sour soup! I will definitely try this!

Lana Dean says:

Today I went to my local Asian market an found everything I needed to make the Hot and Sour soup. My husband love it and it turn out fantastic and delicious. Thank you I will be making some of your other recipes.

ryuujin74 says:

i havent had this in ages the place i used to go is gone now thanks i will try

Jennifer L says:

You’re so cute and funny, Seonkyoung!! Love you!

Lenna Wan says:

How did it take this long for me to find your youtube! You’re amazing!

Oanh Pham says:

What brand of soy sauce do you use? thanks

sensibl says:

Well done good job bravo 🙂

leilani johnson says:

Did you get a new home? I felt so sad about your flood. I prayed for you and your husband. God Bless beautiful Lady.


I love this soup w/o the pork and its a good soup if u is sick, but add some hot pepper fakes

Reuben&Lemn says:

Can you make this with chicken or beef instead of pork or will that change the flavor of soup? Great video by the way.

Robert L. Myers I Esq. says:

You look HOT! but not sour

indicatoto101 says:

I used your recipe and the soup turned out to be SO GOOOD. Would definitely make it again.

Blee says:

I love your receipes and been enjoying your fun cooking live show every Wednesday. Keep up your good work, your smiles n jokes make cooking fun.

Brian Thompson says:


May Pak says:

I love Asian at home

twixy575 says:

What kind of tofu?

MJ JaeRon_Joo says:

seonkyoung,thank you so so much for sharing this recepi..this is one of my favourite soup in the world!^.~d

Beneeta K. says:

I just made this today! It was really great!

Irish Rose says:

need to make this. we love hot and sour soup.

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