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Egg Drop Soup
Serves 4

4 1/2 cups chicken stock
4 1/2 Tbs cornstarch
3 Tbs water
3 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp white pepper
1 green onion, chopped


Juliana Wees says:

In Colombia we make a Egg soup too but with Potatos and sweet chillies. This one looks easier.

Shani Qisthina says:

is there a way to make it spicy?

pennyfish89 says:

if i cant get chicken stack to boiled, what is the alternative for soup base? i have miso, is that okay?


I like adding soy sauce and chili oil XD

Carmie Eats says:

You’re my favorite I found you on tastymade new subbie xo

trickycrayon says:

My mom always made this when I was a kid and I have made it a few times myself since realizing how easy it was, I love it so much.

Staci Sims says:

Do you have a video for korean porridge?

barefoot4life 1985 says:

That’s it! Cornstarch! I kept getting mad at my soup because mine never looked like that lol!

Shelby Clark says:

I always had the problem of thickening the soup. I can never get it the way a restaurant can make it. I know it just depends on who makes it, but I like it thicker consistency.

lưu hà ny hồ says:

love your food as always and also your makeup today 🙂

152369dude says:

I made this today with some home made stock and it was excellent. Thank you for the recipe.

Myra Eliza Hon says:

Just made this. Quick and easy and delicious. I added crabs. So good

Casey Maas says:

I’ve made this twice in the passed 48 hours bc I’m totally addicted! so yummy!

Reina G says:

I’m not Asian but i still use chopsticks for everything haha

Kelsey Thomas says:

I can’t wait to make this.
Thanks for the super simple video.

Sweet Mango says:

I’ll have to try adding the water-starch part to mine, I always just added starch direct to the broth. Hopefully it helps thicken it more, that’s really the only part I could never seem to get right.

Bear Ranger says:

Yummmmmm yum Friend shared this on Google Plus. New subscriber! I could just eat your channel up! :0)

xiaotian er says:

this is the first recipe that my dad tought me when i was so so young…

Christine Cao says:

All your recipes I have tried are so good! Thank you! Please keep doing what you are doing !

Kristin Davis says:

Watching her cook has become my aesthetic, it’s so calming ❤️

Marissa Vasquez says:

i finally made this. it was super easy to follow and it was super delicious thank you so much.


I love cooking.

Cyrille Prestianni says:

Again very tasty !!! I added two shiitake mushrooms 😉

Ka ri says:

Omg, I haven’t watched your videos in a while and oh my God I missed you. You’re still making amazing videos and by the way you look so cute in this video!

RusticCharmMR says:

Thank you! I can’t wait to make this- the perfect thing to warm up with on these snowy winter nights.

Asif Merchant says:

lovely ❤❤❤

Hana Watanabe says:

I just made it and it was delicious !! I felts so good after few spoons ;D. I added grated ginger and shichimi .Thanks again for the recipe you never fail me <3

JustAskingAndCurios says:

Seonkyoung, when heating the broth I usually add 2-3 slices ginger and a scallion cut in half to flavor the chicken stock (discarded later). Also, at the last moment, I drizzle dark sesame oil with the green onion garnish….try it. Adds the umami factor.

Paul78bcn says:

White pepper is very bad for health. Use black pepper instead

Jacquie Jean says:

This will be perfect for the cold I’ve been fighting!! Thank you, dear!

Mike farmer says:

I tried egg drop but didn’t like it does homemade taste better ?

Christian Paskah says:

I miss Jacob! Where is he? 🙂

Amy L. says:

How long are you supposed to let the egg cook in the boiling chicken stock?

D. GrizzlyBear says:

The real secret to making this soup is the broth. Tell us how you make your broth!

kasia k says:

Great recipe! I need to try this, but i have a qustion. For how long i can keep this soup in the fridge?

MiniMechanic126 says:

So quick, easy, and delicious!!!

Joobie Joob says:

I made this earlier, it came out pretty good. I was hesitant eating it almost cause I wasn’t sure how long to let the egg boil before eating. But I figured the stock was at a boil, and the yolks were the color of scrambled eggs, so I think it may have been ok. It was pretty good.

Jaclyn Lukehart says:

she looks so cute in this video! hair, outfit, all of it. Love your channel seonkyoung! <3

Dyenie B says:

Some of the green onions are heart-shaped.

Jayne Rice says:


anne so vezina says:

I love your videos! <3 It's look so easy to do it!!
Can you do chicken porridge please!! ^.^

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