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Classic Chinese Fried Rice Recipe is simple, quick and easy recipe that everyone can make it at home! The variety of fried rice is numberless, like pizza! So feel free to substitute the vegetables or protein for your own taste, even soy sauce! Sometime I love adding salt instead of soy sauce, it makes fried rice taste so much clean and simple flavor.

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♥ Chinese Fried Rice Written Recipe :

Chinese Fried Rice Ingredients:
Serves 2

2 Tbs. Cooking oil
2 Cloves garlic, chopped
1/4 of Onion, small diced (approximately 1/2 cup)
1/4 cup Carrot, small diced
2 oz. Chinese sausage, small diced
2 oz. Beef, cut into one bite sizes
2 eggs, beaten, seasoned with salt and pepper
2 cups Cold Jasmine rice, recommended a day old
2 Tbs. Soy sauce
1 Tbs. Dark soy sauce (Can be substitute regular soy sauce)
A small pinch of sugar
4 Green onions, chopped

*Remember, you are the boss in your kitchen, substitute proteins, vegetables and even soy sauce for your taste!


Andrew De Freitas says:

vegetarian alternative?

duke em says:

Hello , that was awesome.yum! . My name is Noah it was awesome.

Rayce Farelle says:

Id Dark Soy sauce similar to Kecap Manis?

Shane Miles says:

Great basic recipe. Love it!

Ahmad Faza Malano says:

soy sauce itu apa ya mbak? aku tersesat

27kjh says:

I’ve been making a point of trying your recipes each night. I’ve done five now and each one have been wonderful. So delicious and easy to prepare. I’m not sure where to get Chinese Sausage, any suggestions for a substitute? Also can Saki substitute for the Chinese Cooking Wine? Thanks.

Kana sang says:

You make me love in english language and make me more like cooking
Thank you so mush >>_<<

kaikaichen says:

I always get confused by light vs dark soy sauce, because there are at least four kinds! *Chinese* light & dark soy sauce (think brands such as _Kimlan_, _Wan Ja Shan_, and _Lee Kum Kee_) and *Japanese* light & dark soy sauce (with brands like _Kikkoman_ and _Yamasa_). From what I’ve read, they have significant differences. In this case, which brands/national varieties of soy sauce are you referring to?

PrecXx B. says:

would have liked to see u eat it with a chop stick

anastasia AA says:

I made this today. it was amazing .

Kevin López says:

I love you! I would try this recipe tomorrow! 😀
Won one more sub!

Alaa Refaat says:

uhhhh .. you made me run to the kitchen to make itt xx thankyou 😀

John Delynn says:

Talk about shoveling it in. 3:47

deet24 says:

LOVE HER, but NEVER sugar in fried rice, not even a pinch.

trekranger says:

Looks sooo good

So Go says:

Just found your channel and I love it!!!! Wonderful fresh and smart dishes, I can’t wait to try!!!

Ana dasilveira says:

You spike to much !

Youti cooking says:

I love your dishes. I just subscribe. Keep up

quirquincho23 says:

simple y delicioso saludos!

Franklin Gijsberts says:

Very nice

Misss Wani says:

why you sooo good at cooking? even if i try, not too good as you.. watching this makes me mouth watering.. hehehe

Reema Mahmood says:

Defiantly will be trying this

Lisa Boloten says:

Thank you so much for your videos! I love Asian cooking and you make it so simple and explain it so well!

Mellow panda says:

Huh I need aisan friends. Any available?

icon709today says:

Soooo Tasty!

Steven Cung says:


Lavon Green says:

What sized wok do you use ?

Ira Tyagi says:

Omg your are so cute. Thanks for the recipe.

kevin farrell says:

How much COOKED rice ?

SimplieCharlie says:

I just cooked this (literally JUST finished) and it tastes amazing! Thank you for your recipe!

Will Croston says:

Geez… she’s beautiful.

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