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Boba Milk Tea Ingredients
Makes 1

3 to 5 black tea bags
1/4 cup quick cooking boba
1 Tbs honey
2 Tbs sweet condensed milk
2 Tbs milk

Boba Straw


Yasemin Yaman says:

i like sweetening boba with maple syrup. it compliments black tea very well and gives it a deeper, earthier flavour~

Shabelly Corona says:

Aww she’s so adorable!

Kimberly Dawal says:

I’m a new fan. you are so cute!
Will definitely try the recipes

Marilynn Carrillo says:

I love Chinese Oolong milk bubble tea

punkgirl390 says:

She is so cute

Kyle Jarabelo says:

so cute! especially when you were shaking!

Broeckchen says:

You’re so lovely to listen to and the food you prepare seems so delish ahhhh

변잭현 says:

I thought the white bowl she make the tea and boba is polystyrene

creativ-LI says:

cute accent!

nafiaaa _ says:

You are so sweet (: I love your videos girl

Wippia says:

sooo….what is boba ?

StuffEyeMake says:


Alex Darum says:

hahahaha hyunA’s bubble pop XD

Sapphire Shaw says:

This is my first time watching your videos, and first thing’s first; You are so cute!!! I couldn’t stop smiling while I watched because of how happy you are. ahhhh! I love it! Definitely subscribing to your cuteness!

true05angel says:

omg you were so cute when you started shaking!!

Erin Aulfinger says:

I just discovered your channel and I am already in love <3 I love bubble tea, especially matcha green tea. I love the chewy texture of black boba.

Rachel Smith says:

She’s so cute lol!

Kylie Reyes says:

youre so gorgeous and kind hearted #teamnodishes yessss

sam za says:

chai milk tea boba or green tea with passion fruit boba <3 <3 soooo good!

Fel Lee says:

I’ve never seen those jars before. Where do you go to buy it? My local Wal-mart doesn’t have it >.>

Pamela Wu says:

enjoyed your videos, I like Taro Milk Tea!

Solynna says:

omg can’t wait to try this at home, i normally just go buy at my local bubble tea! 🙂

Betul Lovato says:

I wanna try this tea

averrose23 says:

“#teamnodishes” had me rolling out of my chair laughing


God! I love it when she says ” Ashian at Huom”!

Nathan Brown says:

What brand of pot is that?

Productions547 says:

She. Is. So. CUUUUTE!!!!

Zchaeppy&LittleMsPipeDream says:

i still get surprised when drinking boba and feeling it pop into my mouth but it is really good

impooser says:

I really like your recipes! So simple and easy to do! We do not have to buy extra crazy ingredients. Just the ones in our frige/cupboards!

Sumra Khan says:

she is so cute im SHOOK

Winnie Wong says:

My favourite is milk tea

videokkrazy says:

i wanna try all your recipes!

Brian Hughes-Richardson says:

i love u! haha. ure so kind ure so wonderful! ur personality is infectious and i loved watching u after the first video i saw of ur, cooking ramen!!! ahhhhh

Ashley Chapa says:

Lol my first time watching her and she is just to cute and funny and I will love to try this one day thanks for making this video

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