6 Chinese Take-Out Inspired Dinners

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Jayani sharma says:

You are using a lot of oil and that’s not good for heath

Miss Nightmare says:

I made the last one exactly how they show it and how the recipe goes and it was too strong. It had a very strong vinegar taste and was not sweet at all. Like if you like drinking vinegar then that’s your recipe but for those who is not too fond of it then this is not for you.

amberr says:

im so fucking hungry

Isra Asfu says:

Dirty stove….

الشيف عبدالرحمن المالكي تطويرالطهاة says:


Ang Yi Sheng says:

Um chow mein is mian

eduard 2468 says:

This isn’t Chinese it has no seasoning so it’s white

Belinda Ronald says:

What if I don’t have rice wine .Wouldn’t eat taste good?

LaLa Johnson says:

Loving the music

OrishaLovely says:

Orange chicken?

alex grijalva says:

I have the food but then im like fuck im not really gonna cook lol wtf

Fact It up says:

Is there some thing else I could replace with the rice wine ? Plz answer I want to cook that recipe but I don’t drink wines

Sprinkle Butt says:

I was watching this at
11:00 at night then I got
So hungry

Robert Crump says:

Or be excited

Issac Huang says:

American Chinese food…

anofi berry says:

That music is dope !

Cookie Hugs says:

Can anyone do a recipe for Orange chicken or bourbon chicken please

Chun wing kwong says:

It’s not Chinese

tseten gyurmey Tsashutsang says:

awesome… thank u


It’d probably cost more to buy all those ingredients than to just buy the food from the Chinese place.

Samantha Gusman says:

Why do you have to put green onions on absolutely everything

Andrew Draw Libros y Lujuria 7u7 says:


Rheanon Jasmyne says:

What brand stove is that ?

Rashmi Choudhary says:

Why don’t u make indian inspired dinner

Cheyenne Lin Elizabeth French says:

What’s in the bottle?

Weiyou Zeng says:

Though these recipes are pretty Americanized, they make my mouth watery.

Jason Spizzirri says:

Yo can anyone give me the name of this band in the background?

Vilma Martinez says:


Stuart Leach says:

it just makes me dizzy and angry. it’s like you’re trying to be the google of cooking. YOU’VE TAKEN OUT THE FUN YOU FANCY FARTERS.

JFK VJ says:

just an FYI, when greens loose their green, they loose their nutritional value so you might as well just be eating fat and carbs

Ana R says:

The pork belly almost looks like Jjajangmyun sauce

MrBobthebuilder808 says:

u lie

Arnie Calang says:

Where’s the MSG?

Andrew Tian says:

Good job tasty! As a Canadian Chinese person, you nailed the recipes!
The only thing you need to fix is the whole video though, you forgot the government doesn’t feed the population well. So you might need to delete all the recipes…. but other than that great video!

akari lopez says:

I want to make this so bad

Gabby D says:

Would u rather have your first date at a restaurant, or eat at the persons house????

Marián Klačan says:


Mohammed Bakye says:

Am I the only one who binge watched tasty videos for hours before

Aarya Shetti says:

I love your recipe but please don’t add broccoli and mushrooms in it

Cornography says:

y’all forgot the msg

Annie Chi says:


breakfastMcgull says:

Does anyone know the song used in this video?

HI LEE says:

It’s wasn’t Chinese food.
Glazed pork belly = (東坡肉) Dongpo pork recipes too wrong a way.

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