5 Tasty Noodle Recipes

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ilove me777 says:

I’m also Asian but m eeeh, we rarely use soya sauce in any of our dishes.

Juwairiya Abdillahi says:

It don’t have to be extra and long u have the seasoning and the noodles then make them there’s ni need for sides OMG

Naga Raj Shenoy says:

If anybody figured it out. Let me know how to do it. They lost me at 0:10 .

Steezy Laboratories says:

This will come in handy I’m starving!

Anam Khan says:

Aisa khana khane wale aliens hi honge!

Joe Snakeu says:

Me: woo I’m so gonna make this!
2 mins later: mom can I have 5$
Mom: yeah sure,why?
Me: I wanna have some noodles
Mom: Sweetie,be reasonable,take 10$ so you’ll take some for me too..
Me: ofc..

cmacs Wins says:

Can’t you show full veg recipes??
All developed countries are opting for vegan and veg, and here you are promoting beef,fish,chicken…It’s in your every upload..Why this???

Proteins,Vitamins,Minerals are also present in green leafy veges and lentils and grains.
No offence!!!! but don’t promote…..It’s a kind request

la muerte says:

The second one was like “Where is my noodles!?”

Patricia S says:

This is great video!
I found another noodle that is colourful and nutritious, from Ordinary People Fun Day….

AracnidaArmagedon 28524 says:

If I don’t have rock sugar can I use normal sugar?

Osman Batur says:

i think u guys used too much scallions

Samantha Garcia says:

Could ramen work

shuriken T says:

Is there a difference between rice wine and sake?

jimjam tries says:

You don’t chop beef like its chicken. You just don’t.

Rafael Smith says:

I love this recipes!!!

Just Random says:

They are cooking Jack Avery’s hair

Mayumi Perez says:

That first step for the second recipe was so unnecessary

openskies11 says:

The comments about the care and attention put into the beef noodle soup just proves nobody who follows Tasty are real cooks who like real food.

Nuclear On The LoopYear says:

1:07 That looked like Tohru’s tail…no wonder Kobayashi doesn’t want to eat it. It doesn’t look very good

sandeep khan says:

Wo paani kya gaand me daalna jhaato

Ahmed Ali says:

i dont have soy sauce

Sonjay Stewart says:

I showed my mom ur recipes and she downloaded ur app and tried ur recipes and their delicious

Fostina What says:

1:01 looks like a heart

Armando Vasquez says:

I recommend using beef broth instead of water since it’ll give you more flavor, and you can sear the beef to give it some color and a nice crust. You can even add more flavor by using the fond at the bottom for the sauce.

Khan Ss says:

Now it’s been a while what ever they show isn’t eatable(just try!)

Seph Sorrosa says:


Siti Maryam says:

The best noodle is indomie

J R says:

For these dishes, what’s a good substitute for sesame oil?

YK JR says:

They forgot to put salt in most of the recipe

Shau Hettiarachchi says:

Tasty Beef Noodle recipes?

Mason Qiu says:

where is the wooooooookkkkkkkkk

Daddy Bear says:

Nothing is good

FaNtAsY MeLoDy says:

I thought it was “Marinette” at first (from miraculous LB)

Shahira Alia says:

i feel disturbed when they cook the second recipe without dicing the garlic…

Xuilia Juicebox says:

Send noods

immaokai says:

As an asian, I’m able to tell you DO NOT put any of them into your mouth.

Dota2 Player says:

Wow those are some tasty noodles

While im in my bed eating instant yaki soba

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