4 Quick and Easy Asian Recipe Dishes FOR COLLEGE | Eva Chung

If you’re looking for affordable and quick food, this video is for you. I’m living on my own, so I’ve had to figure out a way to make multiple dishes (so I don’t get bored) without having to spend too much money on 32312 different ingredients I might not use often. the solution for me was to go Asian. I love cooking asian food of all kinds because they’re very easy to customize, make, and cheap. you really only need a few ingredients. So here, I have my favourite dishes that I’ve been making while not living at home: Vietnamese vermicelli noodles with fish sauce, stir fried rice, stir fried vegetables, and Korean BBQ inspired bean sprouts.

Of course all these recipes are not super specific. They are all customizable to you palette. They make taste different depending on what you grew up with, but just taste it as you go because every family and individual makes these different. This is just how I like to make these dishes.

What is your favorite asian food?

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Anna Floyd says:

Yes I needed this video as a college student trying to try new things.

Flaming Guava says:

can i beat an egg then put that in the fried rice to makebit taste better and the ric will stick together

kevy says:

yummy! does the fish sauce need that much sugar? can i use anything else to substitute? and how long does the fish sauce last in the fridge? sorry for the questions it just looks so good i wanna make it so bad

Marissa Nguyen says:

I literally eat all of these 🙂

Aban Jacob Ruman says:

Says that wants to eat healthy
*proceeds to pour a ton of sugar.

Loh Ryder says:

Good job, thanks for this!

misaki covington says:


SHINee PINee SHINee PINee says:

Are those chicken sausages pre cooked ?

Isabella Koch says:

Cool! I’m moving out soon, and were worrying bout this! Perfect!:)<3

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