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▹ I’m half Black/half Filipino (Igorotak!)
▹ I’M AMERICAN. I just like to do a lot of accents lmao
▹ I only speak Taglish. Sobrang sorry talaga T^T
▹ I’m a military brat so I don’t have a hometown
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➥ ‘Touchdown’ – Phoniks

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dee dee says:

Guuurl you should reverse the order of your chia pudding! Put the cocao first, add a tiny bit of milk (even better, warm), stir, then add the remaining ingredients. OR stir the dry ingredients together first, then add the wet.

Bay Doucet says:

it helps to dissolve the cacao powder in a tiny bit of hot water to form sort of like a paste!!!

Alkamist says:

Whole Foods is not as organic or as Whole as they let on.

Allegra Barss says:

girl get a magic bullet!! no messy wisking!!and easy clean up

Limario says:

I suddenly want to become a chef

mack0rz says:

Next time make your chia pudding in a mason jar. Chuck everything in, stick on the lid, and shake baby shake. It’s 10 times easier to get everything incorporated that way because the chia seeds are so stubborn to break up once they clump.

Ellektrikk says:

i cannot find the acai smoothie packs anywhere:( what is the brand?

Ana Maria Lupu says:

Try mixing the cacao powder with a small amount of the milk and gradually adding the rest of it while whisking it. It makes it 10 times easier.

Chanda Nov says:

It’s best to put the powered in first

aishah cassim says:

the cocoa/cacao powder is difficult to stir into cold liquids and easy to stir into hot liquids

hayhaylerful says:

whole foods is 80% GMOs

aloebread ! says:

You are sooooo funny

kathrynliubeauty says:


Paula Palvin says:

loved all these recipes! your commentary never fails to make me LOL.
“alot of people say they don’t like coconut it’s like why don’t you love yourself” BAHAHahahah

i also don’t like the taste of the green papaya in tinola either, you get meeeee

VK K says:

I wish 3rd world countries had access to these companies like thrive. If you wanna eat healthy you gotta be really really really rich caz it s so damn expensive. People’s salaries is just a misery so we just eat what we could afford.

Sherifah Arenstein says:

Do you know if they deliver on military bases? Most places aren’t allowed to but I would love to try them.

gomgomboy says:

but the first one looks like shit garnished with banana and frozen sperm… is that oatmeal?

D.ANGELA says:

Hope you do more food videos !

Aïcha C says:

Im so hungry rn it looks soooo good

Nokukhanya Nthanzi says:

Okay done I love you.

marta depidepi says:

I’ve just saw a minute of the video and I love how you talk and idk, here’s a new sub!! love from Spain ❤

• Nialani • says:

Omg I just came across your channel and subscribed I’m in love & FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE WHOS HALF BLACK HALF FILIPINO

Onika Hopkinson says:

You have a niece voices

JR Radio says:

But I’m a guy

erica c says:

Oooh yay, Filipino, eh?
Have watched 2 of your vids so far and I liked them! I like that you are simple yet fun. Blessings! 🙂

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