Zabaglione – Italian Warm Custard & Fruit Dessert – Valentine’s Day Special!

Learn how to make Zabaglione! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy, warm Italian custard & fruit dessert recipe!


Mitha one says:

great personality you hv

Sitawat Shahbaz says:

what we can use instead of vine

Shawn Hawkins says:

I need a girlfriend to make the stuff for

kathy jo tourtois says:


The Toxic Atheist says:

Needs a coating of cinnamon and a sprig of mint on top.

Orquidea Feroz says:

Lucky wife. Wow

yvonne wong says:

I love you, chef John, and so does my husband.

ZOE and LUNA'S tales says:

It looks tasty

mary forester says:

I must try this. It looks soooo good

brokenBeauty says:

Which is nature’s way of saying hey

how ya doin

Luisa Ramirez says:

if I don’t want to use wine, what else can I use?

Ale Espinoza R. says:

This video was so sexual lol!

Blacques Jacques Les Squacques says:

Thanks so much . This is exactly the type of dessert I have been looking for .

L'arte del Fatto in Casa says:

Si chiama ZABAIONE!!! Ciao dall Italia 😉

Ryan Cook says:

Chef John!
I’m planning on making this for singles awareness day. (A youtube troll who is not dating anyone, you’re kidding!) Anyways, I had a few comments on the dish:
Strawberries, egg yolks, white sugar, and Marsala wine: doable
Blowtorch: sorry, I went to Durmstrang Institute instead of Hogwarts, we don’t have access to that kind of witchcraft.

Sylvie Satie says:

Im an amateur pasty chef so double boilers are super sexxxy 2 me #forkdontlie

Aby A says:

What can I use instead of wine or alcohol?

hilal tuccar says:

i love it

ahnatanha says:

Will amaretto work instead of that wine?

SSterge101 says:

This guy sounds exactly like Seth rogen wtf

Mona Lisa says:

I am disappointed.

san dy says:


Azara Moon says:

Is there alcohol in this? Looks divine!

Guoming Zhong says:

where can i buy Marsala wine? it has many kind. which one did u use?

UBTrue2U says:

can you recommend a substitute for the alcohol? maybe a cream based ingredient that’s kosher based. thanks!

Lynlalalala says:

OMG!!! My sides hurt I was laughing so much!

ruth johnston says:

awesome, thank you chef john

Chris R says:

god i hate the intonation of your voice lol

dgmoocher D r says:

Ok. I made this one last night and it was easy and had a sophisterkated taste (Im used to cheeseburgers). So I went ahead and ate two portions just to be sure, but I think I really like it! I tried the dry Marsala and it has a well dry but complex flavor making this a “charlotte” kinda taste. Double the fruit and this is gorgeous! Thank you!

Teresa Young says:

I would put a ladyfinger in it at an angle with a drop of cream and a berry, covering it with a light sprinkle of nutmeg.

Hope Vasanie says:

lol! thank you sir ^_^

London1869 says:

“…a quick but thoughtful mix.”

vicky armendariz says:

As always delicious

starsapphire2013 says:

Was that Michonne bit a Walking Dead reference?

goodies707 says:

lol I love your videos.

John Harris says:

i shall make this for myself and always be forever alone

greimalkin says:

I haven’t even heard of so many things on this channel

Chanel D says:

How much sugar ??

Limaa Shop says:

وش بديل الخمر؟!!

Captain Heinie says:

WOW, That looks very nice. You sound very happy.Thank you very much.


hi chef, can this be made ahead of time and refrigerated ?

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