Vegetable Rice Cutlets – Indian Appetizer Recipe by Manjula

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This video is about Vegetable Rice Cutlets – Indian Appetizer Recipe by Manjula
Looking for a simple tasty holiday party appetizer? Vegetable rice cutlets are made with rice blended with mixed vegetables. This is an easy and quick recipe to make.

2 cups cooked rice
1 small potato peeled and cut in small pieces
1 cup mixed vegetables cut into very small pieces (green beans, bell pepper and carrot)
2 teaspoon ginger chopped
1/2 teaspoon red chili powder, adjust to taste
1-1/2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 tablespoon corn starch
Oil to fry


Siti Norani says:

Thank you. My blender is not that powerful , however I will try first

Tasty foods says:

Nice Recipe

Food Flipped says:

looks awesome!

Nishab Khan says:

When u made hara bhara kabab you used potatoes boiled and shredded did you use boiled and shredded potatoes in vegetable rice cutlets?

stefanos2691 says:

Thank you Manjula! It appears I had missed this recipe in your channel, but not for ever. It looks delicious and on my list for this week’s cooking. As always, your food is so tasty, I am not going to share it with anyone! ; ) Perhaps I’ll pass on the recipe to them. X D))))))))

pravin parmar says:


Amitis Shahbanu says:

You are a dear lady! Thank you for this.

Ajay Kumar says:

can we use boiled potato??!

Vikram Adithya says:

I don’t have blender. can I use mix

Nargis Dilawar says:

i dnt hv d blender so how should I blend it?

Maria Teresa Goddard says:

Thank you Manjula

airyfairycelt says:

Thank you manjula. I love to follow you as your recipes are so easy and tasty. I love to have the vegan and cheap so they work very well for me.

Pushpa Khatwani says:

nice receipe

Shivam Mobile says:

nyc recipe mam

Ross Allen says:

I?? Enjoy her v much. Thanks for this

Gloria Terry says:

Thank you mam! It is delicious!

CHARU S. says:

Cant we shallow fry the same

Arafa Mohamed Thahir says:

you may add any batter like maida or corn flour for more crispy while frying

S C Moody says:

Great, I loved the vegetarian cutlets in India! But they don’t appear in cookbooks.

Dan Harrity says:

Such wonderful recipes. I cannot imagine the effort you put into making these videos. Thank you!

vrod1a says:

Excellent !!

Fakhruddin Modi says:

u look like my granny…love u

Seelah Seetphul says:

thanks for recipe ,Manjula

Vishw Patt says:


Angel Fairry says:

i like ur every recipe

Erica Fernandez says:

They looked good!

NayakNitesh Kumar says:


Masiliso Akayombokwa says:

Looks delicious! Learning, will try this one!

Warda Arshad says:

i was just thinking about what to do with left over boiled rice… thanx alot mam…. really easy and delicious recipe. …. :* love from Pakistan…

Nono Zebra says:

how come you never use garlic?

Mansi Arora says:

Nice reciepi… Good

Miss Wee says:

you’re awesome. thank you x

Muskan Bansal says:

hi mam!!! can I use something else in place of cornstarch

Kayla Welch says:

YUMMY ! Thank youuu!

Abhishikth abhi says:

i don’t have blender…. can I use mixer

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