Vegan Ground Beef Recipe – use for Taco meat, bolognese, pizza etc

Today I show you how to make soy free vegan ground beef 🙂

This is a 100% plant based vegan meat substitute that you can use as taco meat, pizza topping, in Bolognese sauce, in lasagna and many more recipes.

If you are looking for a great mince meat alternative that is soy free, then this tasty cauliflower and walnut mixture is perfect.

100% plant based and cholesterol free – this is the ultimate in healthy cooking that tastes amazing!

Print recipe from my website at:

Recipe by Cooking With Plants


*** Metric measurements

750g (1 medium head) cauliflower
1 cup (100g) walnuts
140g tomato paste
1 tbs tamari (soy sauce or braggs aminos)
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp celtic sea salt (or to taste)
1/8 tsp white pepper (or to taste)
1/4 tsp chili flakes (optional)

Add any herbs and spices you like for variations in flavor 🙂

Enjoy xx







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Lyne E. A. says:

This is brilliant!

TheAmazingJimmy says:

Why add the nuts? Does this work without the nuts?

Linda Ellis says:

Can’t wait to try this in my chili !! thank you.

Naomi Mcc says:

hey does anyone know if I could substitute quinoa for the nuts? if it would work?

shannon wright says:

I made your recipe  Vegan Ground Beef. I honestly love the texture and was so happy with the out come. I gave my sister a sample which believes that she needs meat as a protein in order to feel full.  She was so surprised at how it looks like ground beef and is willing to make it into some sort of dinner by adding spices. Thank I love this recipe.

Veeta says:

Hello thank you for these great recipes.
can you please tell me the name of your food processor? Im looking to buy one. thank you

Ria A says:

this lady looks malnourished

MM M says:

I enjoy your videos and it really helped me find other ways to make meat substitutes 😉 I can’t say I’m vegan or vegetarian (I eat meat twice a week fish and beef), but I do eat 5 times a week an all vegan diet. I see it this way, at least I eat less meat. I’m not sure if I’ll go full on vegan just yet lol. I’ve tried your recipes and it tastes great! thank you for sharing!

justdreadest says:

I will try this, I usually use eggplant and lentils

Nadine Mumford says:

I’m transitioning and you’re helping out soooo much. Thank you!

VeeVeeVeeV says:

hahahah i just went to your site, and voila…..last line of recipe says how to store it….
i am….. as i type, testing this “ground beef”….. and it is DELICIOUS!!!!
as mentioned in the last comment, i’m making taco salad tonight for dinner, so i added a bit of taco seasoning to the “meat mixture” before it went into the oven….
excellent recipe!!!!! thanks!!!!
i`m looking forward to checking out other recipes on your site.

Hadassah Levine says:

my fiance’s allergic to walnuts, is there an alternative ingredient I could use instead?

Tony Taylor says:


LadyV says:

This could be sped up by removing some of the water from the cauliflower before mixing and putting in the oven

Aš Nežinau says:

Is it ok to use beans instead of nuts? They are so expensive….

P Teifert says:

Can you make meatballs? Or cabbage rolls? These are things i miss the most. So happy this is not beans

Laia Bertran says:

The more I browse your channel the more I find out I loooooove your recipes. Thank you so much!

Christine Sanderson says:

That is one heck of a food processor. What brand is it? Looks like a neat way to use colliflower

gloria mackenzie says:

I used this to make cabbage rolls.everyone Loved them.awesome recipe

desperate housewives fanpage says:

can i cook this in a nonstick pan???????? our oven broke

Believe says:

How does it compare with taste and texture to ground beef?

ZangelDemon says:

I just made this recipe and it tastes AMAZING! I’m very pleased with how quick (except for the drying process) and easy it was to whip up. 😀 Now to see how well it holds up sauteed with taco seasoning. I can’t wait! <3

Well and Fit 1 Now says:

Seems you’re enjoying your weight loss! I don’t blame ya!

Cicerosings says:

Made this tonight. VERY yummy. Thank you. Two months vegan now.

Ruth Sims says:

This is amazing my favorite,great in lasagna and shepherds pie.

Animal Auntie Bev says:

This is so Yummy! Many thanks for sharing your wonderful wonderful recipie 🙂

VeeVeeVeeV says:

How do you store this when its finished drying?
Looks really good, and am going to make this today for taco salad…

timbemann says:

This is one of my goto staples now. Love it. It is easier to do in a convection oven though, it dries out much faster.

Wynona Fudd says:

Great …now I have Food Processor Envy! Love your channel, Anja!

T Davis says:

Ok, love this channel! Oh my goodness. And you make it look so easy!
I mean, I can actually do this, it will even be fun! Wow. I can really be a Vegan
like I truly always wanted. Thanks “Cookingwithplants” Meet Your new subby FOREVER!!

Christopher Anthony says:

OMG! Brilliant, thank you for sharing..


I love you so much you’re so crafty and your recipe there so healthy

Thomas says:

Well done. What a super recipe. Just found your site, what a joy. Also your kitchen looks great.

Vonnie Monroe says:

Do you have a suggestion on what to use if one can not eat Cauliflower? This recipe seems so good.

Victoria Blank says:

I usually use the vegan ground round but it is quite high in salt. I will try this and see if it makes a good replacement

Camryn Wilson says:

Is there a substitute for the Walnut? I am allergic to tree nuts.

melinda Lancaster says:

great idea…thx…i also use shredded carrots at a meat substitute i may blend the 2 and use taco seasoning

ohbuddyiliketowatch says:

could you just fry this like ground meat?

Ket Dillon says:


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