Turkish Doner Kebab Recipe How to Make Meat Doner

30 pounds of beef
300 grams salt
4 kilos of semolina
5 kg animal fat
2 liters of soy sauce
12 mineral water
2 kg onion
Meat döner kebab recipe
You will see how it is done on this video from start to finish
How to prepare the meat in three stages
How it rotates in four different ways
First we choose unlimited portions of beef cattle
We take the thin hard nerves in the meat with the help of a knife
We are preparing a turn weighing thirty kilos and it will be enough for two hundred people
We prepare thirty kilos of meat and then rest in a deep bowl for one night
In the morning we add the meat into the strainer
The blood of the meat needs to flow completely
 We do not use the blood of meat and throw it
We will add to two pounds of clean animal fat
We are straightforward from the mince maker
We prepare beef mixed with animal fat
We will repeat this process twice
It needs to be very thin
There is a mixing process after passing this stage and there are materials to add into it
We prepare two pounds of onion slice
Three hundred grams of salt
Two pounds of onion
Two liters of soy sauce
Four kilos of semolina
Twelve minerals of mineral water
We add meat to the mixing machine
We add onion salt soy sauce and rice
We mix it up like twenty minutes
We add mineral water
It needs to be completely confused
In the opposite direction to ensure better mixing
One liter of water can be added according to the consistency of the meat
We go to the kebab preparation section after this step
 First prepared in the form of a small piece of plate
There are iron skewers and the meat is placed here and added on a piece of animal fat
Meat and oil are prepared in layers
Shaved around with a rotary knife
From small to large
We wrap it tightly with a spinning stretch and wait for one night
This döner kebap is prepared in three days
We go to the cooking stage of the revolving kebab
Our sister is stretched out and fried high around the fire
The first cooking phase is very important, if the ingredients added to it are wrong, they will be returned
We immediately prepare a plate of ourselves and taste it
Now at this stage I will prepare plates for you in three different ways and prepare the iskender kebab separately
The most preferred type of fast food in turkey is between bread
We put the bread under the fire to warm it up
We will add on the top of the rice and be served in this way
We will add on top of the paddy plant and serve
We add finely chopped lettuce onions and tomatoes between the breads
 I put butter on a pide
We add tomatoes pepper to the plates
It turns into your syrup cuts kebab
It turns on the rice and the kebab is cut and placed
We add paprika on top of your pods
Three different donor services will now do iskender
We add tomato paste and oil and butter
We add bay leaf and add some sugar and water
Pide breads cut and mixed in butter a few rounds
We add pide breads to the middle of the plates
Cooked peppers and tomatoes are added
Döner kebab is cut and added
Yoghurt is added, sauce and butter are added
Iskender kebab is prepared this way
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Dark XPert says:

Thanks for the great recipe. You used 12 bottles of water – 1) How many ml in each bottle? 2) Are you using normal water or carbonated (sparkling)?

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please share ur pantry freezer kitchen tour…thank you

Rewind Remix NCS says:

great video

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very famous now all over world

Top Shelf Sounds says:

Hey, good work

Dogan Keskinkilic says:

Eline cok saglik Salim usta,cok istah acici vallahi agzimin sullari akti.Bizler burda Melburunda boyle doneri yalniz ruyamizda goruruz ve tabi ki Youtube’de.

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