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A little dream is coming true, I am cooking on a gondola in the amazing floating city of Venice in the North of Italy! I’ve been to Venice quite some times when I was a child, and it always amazed me that they use boats instead of cars.. And everything is about seafood, because this beautiful city is built on an island in the middle of the sea!

Today I’m making a great, easy tinned tuna pasta salad. This is such a lovely dish to have as a lunch or dinner on a nice warm evening (which it was not in Venice). Cooking with tinned seafood is not only very easy and cheap, but it is also delicious!

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See you next Fishy Friday!

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Video by Bart van Olphen

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tijmen oudejans says:

Nederlanders to the top

Obie says:

Found your channel through Christian (DJ BBQ). Lovely stuff, you’ve got yourself a new subscriber! 🙂

Antony Yam says:

Finally a new video! Yay

marczaq says:

ok, where is gennaro?

hamodgee says:

do anyone knows the name of the music in the beginning?

Shirley Castle says:

Making a simple tuna pasta salad in beautiful Venice, how lucky are you? Thank you for sharing. See ya next Fishy Friday.

Sander Zijderveld says:

Bart, Yo lucky. I will try this one, but then in Giethoorn…..

Littlecutefishy says:

Hey Bart, wonderful video!! Cooking on a gondola is Venice must have been something special :)) im wondering, is it possible to make this tuna salad a mayo based one?

Vincenzos Plate says:

How did you manage to cook on a Gondola? I would love to do that.
Great pasta salad in a wonderful locations

richard bale says:

it looks nice

noha xxx says:

thnks for the nice view i really enjoyed the video and the salada ws tasty!

Rachel Tan says:

You film at the best locations ever!

victor sels says:

Did george got to taste it as well

Jeffrey Scott says:

Looks fantastic! When my tomatoes come in I think I’ll make this. Looks good for a nice summer dish.

Anna Min Novelli says:

cooking on a gondola in Venice, what a dream!! Complements Bart

David Slone says:

I get wanting to assemble a delicious salad. I also get deciding to pony up the absurd amount of cabbage that it costs to get someone to push you around Venice in a gondola… It’s something we should all do once. Likewise, shooting a YouTube video can be a deeply satisfying experience.

However, DOING ALL THREE IN TANDEM! That’s quite simply hubris.

Bart's Fish Tales says:

Guys, I don’t think someone has ever cooked in a gondola before! Check this out! Cheers, Bart

Cefims Soas says:


JOEL A.K says:

who else was watching the other ones footwork ?

huss1205 says:

that looked awesome, I am doing it this weekend…

Farinaz says:

Hi Bart! I loved your video. It fills my soul with lots of joy to watch your videos. Wow, I love these kind of dishes so much! It reminds me of how I like to cook. But this was much more sophisticated than what I end up cooking. But I am developping my interest in cooking and I hope I will create stuff to my full potential some day. That’s one of my dreams.
I love pasta salad and I am thinking it’s quite healthy too, isn’t it? Lots of energy from the maccharonis and all good stuff from the greens. And the best part is that it is healing for the soul because the dish looks yammy, pretty snd interesting. It was a great recipe!
Have a peaceful weekend and hope you have as wonderful a spring as we have here in Stockholm. Bye!

Elisabeth Rehse-Holzer says:

I absolutely love the idea of preparing this great salad on a gondola in beautiful Venice, Bart! Woohoo! 🙂

John Moutsis says:

super food !!!

Spellboundwitch says:

I agree, a wonderful place to prepare a tuna-pasta-salad, but it must have become a quite expensive one…a ride on a gondola is rather expensive …. ;)But then, what would life be like if you don’t allow yourself some little luxuries such as this one…???And Giorgio, the gondolier, managed to ship you around without hardly moving the gondola…helpful for cooking!Thanks for sharing

Domanic Ong says:

Bart . You’re suddenly going all Canned Food

John Lovelady says:

Fantastic salad and fantastic location!

DUK-82 says:

Loving the fishy fridays

Elastirion says:

I tried out this recipe a few days ago and it was very delicious. I just love tuna with capers and the feta and rocket made it even better. Thumps up!

Sushmita Bag says:

off course….no 1 cooked in a gondola before… Simply Amazing… !!!

& thumps up for such a delicious recipe… !!!

Dwayne Wladyka says:

Great looking recipe and a great view.

Kulinary Kreations says:

Oh what an amazing place! Beautiful! I’d love to go to Italy, but I’m afraid of flying. Yes I’m a huge wimp, lol. But lovely Tuna Pasta Salad Bart! I love how you can cook any where! You’re an amazing Chef! TFS & Have a great weekend! TC 😀

ASZHanazaki says:

Same Intro Soundclip genaro uses for his channel 😀

Daniel Dubeau Essa says:

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the central fish market in Venice by mistake when I was there! There was so much great fresh looking fish there! I’ll never forget the Squid Ink though, it was everywhere! Great video keep them coming. 🙂

Stef fen says:

These locations where are you cooking all the time…. so amazing! Great dish for the summer. Love it. Cheers

Ahmad Sukkar says:

Povero gondoliere, avrà vomitato tutta la notte…

WW Suwannee says:

Niiiiiiiice  🙂

Cremantus says:

O sole mio… great salat, man.

gary daniels says:

Have to try feta with fish, nice looking salad. You’d think George or is it Jorge would have let you have a go at steering his gondala, think your brave enough using a sharp knife on water, not for me. You take us to all the best places, Thank You Bart.

Rimpelmans says:

Where did the other half of chopped parsley go at 4:03? Were you secretly making 2 salads? 🙂
Nice video Bart, as always.

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